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4 Principles To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

  Entrepreneurs unite! We all have a few things in common, and curiosity is one of them. Without it, we can become stagnant once the industry starts to change, new ideas surface and if we don’t listen to our clients needs and wants we feel the pinch of being left behind. I have felt the effects [...]

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A Prosperity Plan for the New Financial Year

Wooo hooo – Happy New Financial Year!!! It’s time to review, reset and plan for the New Year ahead. If the last year was a struggle and left you feeling relatively crap then now’s the time to draw a line in the sand, make the decision to take control of your business and put a [...]

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The Daunting Idea of Starting Over

Do you feel like your career is not really going anywhere and more often than not you’re counting down the minutes until you can get out of there? So many people choose to stay in unfulfilling jobs, even though they know there is something better waiting. So what is the first step to “starting over”? [...]

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