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Yoni Massage Will Change Your Life

What if I told you a simple massage could change your life? That a practice exists that could boost your confidence, enhance your relationships and release your inner goddess, just by learning and practicing a few basic techniques. I’d like to share with you the power of Yoni massage and why you should make it [...]

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Learn to know the difference and thrive. Narcissists have been getting a misunderstood bad rep. They have been confused with what I call power-driven Arsessists. The definition of Narcissism is… “the pursuit of personal gratification from vanity or personal egotistic admiration of one's own attributes”. The term originated from Greek mythology, where Narcissus, a young man so proud of [...]

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Love a good bitch

Whilst sitting at a friend’s house participating in a Skype call with her 19 year old daughter who lives and studies in Auckland, the conversation of her teenage friend came up. “You’ll never believe what Marnie is up to, Mum!” the daughter exclaimed. “She’s 6 months pregnant and huge!” Marnie and the daughter had been [...]

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