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More Taboo Fantasies

By  Tracy Louise Let’s Look at The Forbidden, Swinging and Infidelity. The Forbidden In the 1970s and 1980s, we had the works of Father Andrew Greeley and Colleen McCullough with their tormented men of the cloth.   What is more sexually frustrating than something you cannot have?  Someone else’s wife/boyfriend/daughter - Priest!   … What is more [...]

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I was at a sex education class recently and a student put her hand up twice in the class wanting to know more about ‘squirting’. The teacher politely said “I will send you some more info”. The teacher dodged the question…twice… so my guess is she probably didn’t know shit about it or was uncomfortable [...]

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How To Love A Modern Zena

Dear Men, This is probably the time in your life where you might experience a world of confusion, frustration, a deep sense of loss, basically a world where Mars and Venus are colliding. Women today have access to more choice, more freedom, more options and more power than ever before however the reality is these [...]

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Were you aware that you were destined for you or your partner to have an affair in this life? That you may have unresolved ‘karma’ from other lifetimes to clear and heal together? That when you go through and experience a deep betrayal such as; an infidelity, discovering your partner has led a double life [...]

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Communication With Your Man

Are you struggling with understanding men? If you are, it could also mean that communicating with them could be an issue as well. A man’s brain is wired differently from yours. As a woman, you naturally have an advantage of communicating effectively. So before you interact with men, you need to tweak things a little. [...]

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The Celebrity Profiler

What are you passionate about? I’m passionate about helping people build better meaningful relationships. A typical day Starts early in the morning and winds up in the evening. Profiling people, whether that be a formal profile or impromptu profiles over skype, zoom or face to face. Working on new courses and new types of delivery. [...]

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EXPERT INTERVIEW with Alan Stevens

Why are you passionate about your purpose/mission, business/service? I’m passionate about helping people build better meaningful relationships. Who can benefit from your service? Everyone. We only do “business” with those we know, like and most importantly, trust. That is just as true with those we form social, personal and intimate relationships with.  The foundation of [...]

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