Are you struggling with understanding men? If you are, it could also mean that communicating with them could be an issue as well.
A man’s brain is wired differently from yours. As a woman, you naturally have an advantage of communicating effectively. So before you interact with men, you need to tweak things a little. Remember that your man is going to follow your lead so you need to know what you are doing.
Men usually look for signals or signs – mainly aiming for logic and function when they talk. He views language in the same black and white sense so if you must tell him what you need and want. Women on the other hand find it much easier to talk and use language to get things done.
Understanding “man talk” and how your man perceives language is crucial to leading him to the next step in your relationship and getting your ultimate goal of marriage. If you can’t talk to him properly, he won’t know what you want or how to give it to you.
How To Speak To Him
One thing to always remember is that you must be specific and clear when asking for something.
Your man wants to make you happy but he needs clear instructions on how to do that. To men, that is an abstract concept that could mean any number of things and would probably has little to no idea what you mean.
For example, “affectionate” could mean:

  •  Holding hands 
  •  Telling you he loves you 
  •  Kissing you goodbye in the morning 
  •  Talking to you
  •  Giving you a hug 
  •  Coming home early from work to be with you 
  •  Bringing you presents and gifts

And the list can go on and on. Any one of those things could be the form of affection that you are referring to. But all he can do is guess…
Despite how complicated he might seem your man is simple. He needs instructions on how to please you so that you reach that point of happiness quicker and with less effort.
So then the next time you want him to be affectionate and tell him so, he cuddles with you because you made the point to specify that that is what you want when you ask for more affection.
Unless you tell him otherwise, he might not have any idea that you want more affection or whatever it is that you feel is lacking. He is not good at picking up on subtle signals like you are built for. He needs a bit of help along the way and he wants to make you happy.
Remember to always be direct and tell your man exactly what you want and you would be amazed with the results.
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Johnny-Medium John Musumeci
A Dating and Relationship Coach for Women. John Musumesi halps women understand men from a “mansview”. For Single, married, separated or divorced women, John gives insights on how a male mind works, and how women can improve their communication with men to create strong attraction and better relationships. Creator of Man Speak, the ManSpeak Facebook group is a fun active community for women, where John works is passion for improving communication between men and women for healthier quality relationships.
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