Were you aware that you were destined for you or your partner to have an affair in this life?
That you may have unresolved ‘karma’ from other lifetimes to clear and heal together?
That when you go through and experience a deep betrayal such as; an infidelity, discovering your partner has led a double life or you had met someone and slept with them, that this was all part of your divine plan?
Let me explain further…
Prior to incarnation, we decided what our soul wished to experience for our own spiritual growth; we choose the lessons on a subconscious level and the people around us who are best suited for this.
We then make an agreement with these souls and this is what is known as a ‘Soul Contract.’ These look like vows or declarations and are similar looking to the most common one, a ‘Marriage Contract.’
Some of these lessons can be really painful, such as having an abusive partner, a wife that constantly flirts with men, a spouse who lies and you catch texting other woman; however their/your soul agreed to this before you were born.
Why the hell would I agree to be treated like shit and having a partner who constantly puts me down and secretly is sleeping with other woman/men behind my back?
This is a great question however did you consider that this is all to teach you to stand up for yourself?
To show you how powerful you really are?
To learn to say I won’t be treated this way?
So you can face your biggest fear of being alone?
To understand what equality is in your relationships?
That your soul wished for you to be taught unconditional forgiveness?
Or you did this to them in a previous life and now it was your turn to experience this for yourself?
So many of you are in relationships and have ‘soul contacts’ that are way past the expiry dates. If one of you has changed dramatically in the time you are together, you begin to outgrow the other and become attracted to other people.
For years you may have become complacent; you were afraid to admit that your sex life is boring, that you both had nothing in common and were only staying for reasons such as to hold the family together; however you’re soul decides it cannot just stay in an outdated relationship and you start to seek for your needs to be met outside the relationship.
This is when another soul mate will enter the person’s life. To open you heart and sexuality, to show you/them it’s time to move on and the contract is done.
This was all subconsciously agreed to by all parties, including your soul.
You deserve to be in a balanced equal relationship, so today accept the ‘contract’ and set the past pain free; you will feel so much better for it.
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daniela-birch My name is Daniela Birch. I have run a successful business as an International Psychic/Medium/Healer and Spiritual Teacher for the last 20 Years. I am an upcoming author of my first book ‘Soul Mates – Love within the Dark’. www.danielabirch.com 
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