Does size matter?
Knowing how to use your penis skilfully is more important then size
Is it true if you don’t use it you lose it?
YES. Erection is important for penile muscle health as it brings oxygen to the penis. Minimum once week assists with ED (erectile dysfunction) and Prostate health. The more sex you have the more interested in sex you are.
Is it true a mans feet size, nose size or hands size determines their penis size?
If that were the case then you would never want to be with Mr.Shoesize17!
Is it true you are what you eat?  
YES. Food can affect how you smell and taste down there. The worse the diet the worse you taste and smell down there.
Are women less interested in sex?
Definitely not. This depends on whom you talk to. The less sex you have the less you want it. They don’t call it the dirty 30’s, naughty 40’s, and voracious 50’s
Is it true that when are older you stop having sex?
Studies show that people that had a healthy and happy sexual life in their 30’s still have a great one after 60. Infact People over 50 are now buying the largest number of vibrators
Can you masturbate too much?
YES. Men will not run out of sperm but they can experience being desentised hence affecting their performance when with a partner
Can you guarantee the sex of a baby based on sexual position?
There is no proof to show that the timing or position of sex can guarantee the gender of a baby. This is an old wives tale.
Can a man tell if a woman is actually having an orgasm?
Yes. Not from the puffing & panting or screams but by the contractions her vaginal wall is experiencing.
Are you born naturally good at sex?
It is a skill that can be learned just like driving a car. The more homework you do the better you hone the art of being a great lover
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