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What It Takes To Turn Your Life Around

Have you ever wondered how those who have experienced such grave amounts of hardship and trauma in their lives break the cycle and become successful beings? If you were with me at the start of the year, you would have found me in my 2 bedroom never renovated apartment in Sydney's south that I had [...]

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Starting Over after a Toxic or Abusive Relationship

How can we date differently without going to the complete opposite, because opposites can get us caught in something equally disappointing or heartbreaking. Which part of you wants to put yourself out there? The part that is ready, or the lonely part? Follow this checklist to your resourced and confident self! Learn the specific definition [...]

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Preventing Childhood Sexual Abuse

I educate families and professionals in preventing childhood sexual abuse.  When I tell people what I do, it often brings up a lot of different feelings for them.  In my workshops with parents, guardians and professionals, I do touch on tragic facts such as; 1 in 5 Australian children experience some sort of childhood sexual [...]

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