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4 Principles To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

  Entrepreneurs unite! We all have a few things in common, and curiosity is one of them. Without it, we can become stagnant once the industry starts to change, new ideas surface and if we don’t listen to our clients needs and wants we feel the pinch of being left behind. I have felt the effects [...]

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Ways To A Man's Heart

Remember that song by American comedy troupe The Lonely Island, featuring singer Justin Timberlake, ‘Dick In A Box’?  It debuted on the show Saturday Night Live in 2006. I was in my late twenties and didn’t really understand the humour.  I hadn’t experienced what it was like for a man wanting to stick his dick into [...]

SEX: Nature's Way To Heal Kidneys

The health of mind, body and spirit has become vital in today’s age. More and more people are realising the connection, good health isn’t just about the physical body, an approach to wellness also needs the mind and spirit treated for holistic health.   As a Holistic Life Mentor, I work with people who prefer [...]

Online Dating: How To Cut Through The Bullshit & Go From Match to First Meet.

As working single parents with dependent children, dating is put way back in our minds.  It’s something considered to be an unnecessary extra project. With our already busy schedules and routines, we think, how in the hell can we fit in the time to swipe, match and text, let alone meet new people. However, it’s [...]

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Don’t Be Anal About Anal: How To Prepare For Anal Sex!

Anal sex! Such a taboo topic! Though, as a waxing technician, the anal area is treated with precious care. “Please turn to your side and hold your cheek up high, while I slide warm wax to your butthole.” It’s just another day at the office for me. In these positions, anal sex comes up in [...]

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A Guide To Mastering Your Flow With A Menstrual Cup

Mother Nature gave us the most beautiful gift, to bare children. When we’re not baring children, we are baring the pain of the flow.  Menstrual Periods.  That once a month, if you’re regular, 7 day flow. Without knowing more than what was advertised in magazines, I was offered a panty liner and tampons from a [...]

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