The health of mind, body and spirit has become vital in today’s age. More and more people are realising the connection, good health isn’t just about the physical body, an approach to wellness also needs the mind and spirit treated for holistic health.

As a Holistic Life Mentor, I work with people who prefer to use natural medicine and alternative therapies to live healthy, wholesome and happier lives. I look into new research and keep up to date with the latest studies and findings. When I’m asked about a particular organ, kidneys, and how to flush stones out, I have a couple of suggestions to get rid of them naturally. No medicine. No trips to the local pharmacy, unless you are going to buy a packet of condoms. Yes, you heard me right!

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“The answer to healing the discomfort of kidney stones is to have sex!”

In 2015, a study by Turkish scientists at Ankara Training and Research Hospital discovered having sex three to four times a week helped pass kidney stones through the urethra of a man compared to men who didn’t. The discovery was published in the journal Urology.
The study compiled 75 men randomly split them into three groups.  One group were asked to have sex three to four times a week. Luckily, those men didn’t need a Pharmacist to “fill” the script, they could do it themselves! The second group with enlarged prostates were given medication to improve urination. The third group were given a standard medication treatment for kidney stones.

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After humping and pumping, well, the first group anyway, 26 men out of the 31 men were able to pass kidney stones.

That group were the highest success rate, where group two had only ten out of 21 men and the third group had eight out of the 23 men passing kidney stones. The scientists believe the passing of stones was made easier by the relaxing muscles of the ureter during orgasm.

The time frame for passing stones was extraordinarily shorter in the first group compared to the other groups; 10 days in group one, 16 days in group two and 18 days in group three.  

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The amazing results did not end there.

The average size of the stones that passed were 4.7 millimetres.

According to science, kidney stones are small enough to pass through urine. Though, if the health of a body isn’t up to scratch, they can become lodged and continue to grow, creating discomfort and your sex life may decline too. Until now! 

Prevention is the cure for all health concerns.

To prevent kidney stones from cock blocking your sex life, first you need to understand how they are formed.

Kidney stones develop from waste products in the blood and form into small crystals which collect in the kidneys, and overtime may harden. They end up looking like lumpy stones.

If you don’t drink enough water, that being a litre per 22kg of body weight per day, if you take certain medication, eat acid forming foods and drinks, or have a medical condition that increases the levels of certain substances in your urine, you may be prone to creating kidney stones. High protein diets have been known to spike uric acid levels too.

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Passing stones can be very painful if unattended

they can get lodged in the ureter or in the kidneys and can lead to infection. This is a wide spread health concern for men who are prone to dehydration.

Generally, kidney stones are small enough (less than an inch in diameter) to pass through urine. To prevent the awkward moment, drink plenty of good quality water, increase your fruit and vegetables, and have more sex. That being said, three to four times a week.

Though, this new discovery suggests more sex for men, what about women?Chi lifestyle cycle

When looking at Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a chi cycle you can follow to help the body function better. During the hours of 5pm and 7pm, the chi (energy) is flowing through the kidneys.  This time frame is when we should stop working and start playing; sports, dance, yoga or martial arts, just to name a few. Jost Sauer, author of The Perfect Day Plan, outlines the chi cycle simply.

Doing a fun activity gets the body moving, creates emotional resilience, drive, enthusiasm and will-power.  What shouldn’t be done is staying back at work! Don’t create stress during this time frame, leave all mental and emotional challenges for the beginning of the working day.  There’s a higher risk of the libido lowering if one keeps pushing themselves into the evening.


Ross Wilson, Iridologist of Coburg Health Shop, suggests when taking an interest in the health of your body, look more closely at your iris. The patterns, colours, and other characteristics can determine information about your health. When there is a lot of yellow being present in the iris, it refers to stressed kidneys. 


To increase sex drive and keep kidneys in check, the horizontal mambo is on the cards; it’s a fun activity enjoyed more so after a hard day’s work. That’s like killing two birds with one kidney stone! Who wouldn’t want that written on a prescription! Well, there you have it ladies and gentlemen, more reason to embrace sexuality and enjoy intimacy.

You’ll help yourself heal, become healthier and happier. And no, stones won’t pass whilst having sex 😉

Lisa Jane

Based in the northern area of Melbourne, Australia, Lisa Jane is an aspiring humanitarian, with her magnetic smile and charismatic nature, she educates and entertains with her stories bringing balance to any life experience.
Lisa Jane hosts a quirky podcast show with life mentors a-like making sense of what it means to be a parent, partner and lover in modern society whilst staying true to yourself.
Lisa Jane has a workshop; Retreat with Lisa Jane, both online and live.  She bridges the gap between Science and Beauty.  With hands-on activities, simple strategies and techniques that helped her to get to where she is today; she shares with you a way you can get to where you want to be too.  She never forgets self-care, so with that in mind, once you step into her workshop retreat, you are taken care of as if you are a guest in her own home.

A woman born in the dark ages, now shining bright guiding you into the light years, Lisa Jane hopes you enjoy this article as much as she has enjoyed writing it.

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