Q: I’m feeling pressure to move in with my girlfriend. What do I do?

My girlfriend approached me yesterday and mentioned a conversation that her girlfriends had in regards to when I would move in with her. We have been together two years and see each other 2 to 3 times a week. She has a part-time job and is studying a psychology degree at university and has a young daughter and a son who is about to turn 18.
I’m still dealing with a nasty ex-wife who won’t allow me to see my two children regardless of whether I pay child support or not. In fact my ex-wife has sent nasty messages to my girlfriend by the way and she dealt with that quite professionally.
I like where I live and it’s really important that I have my own space so I can better manage my days when things have been rough. I have no interest in seeing any other woman right now. I don’t know how to deal with this situation.
Any advice?

A: Dear my Cave Man time is vital

There only a few important questions to ask yourself.
1. What outcome do you desire? Do you want to live with her or not.
2. What does Love look like to you? There is a difference between being in love and loving someone.
3. Are you ready at this point in time to live together?
Personally love to me is when they are the first thought that enters my head when I wake up and the last thought before I go to sleep.
Do you know where you fit in to her family dynamic and she know where you fit in?
What she’s really asking from you is some confirmation that she is important to you.
Women are constantly testing men to make sure they are still a man not a boy. I know this infuriates you guys but the reality years is most men are boys and behave like boys and don’t Stand up to claim their queen until it’s too late.
Women need reassurance all the fucking time!!
When a man understands this life is much is much easier LOL
so ask yourself the above questions and if you truly are not in love with her and don’t see a future with her and let it go so she can be with a man he will know how to claim her the way she should be claimed.

Q: Sounds sketchy

I’ve been texting back and forth this guy for days and sometimes our conversations last up to 2 hours.
He is Spanish and has lived here for two years. I asked him for his number as I prefer to speak on the phone. He gave me his number however he did say to me that he prefers not to talk on the phone before we meet in person and not catching up for another week. I’ve never come across this problem before and don’t understand why someone would not want to talk on the phone?

A: Dear it’s not what you think

Ok the no calls is paranoid about his level of English.
It’s very difficult for them to communicate on the phone when it’s your second language.
SMS is much easier for them so it has nothing to do with you it has to do with his language barrier confidence.
Even in Melbourne where is it one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world people always self conscious of their level of English not being perfect.
Don’t fret. Let it go and go with the flow and this might just be the best experience you’ve ever had!