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Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

Growth happens in tiny little steps, imperceptible to the eye, or in one or two massive stages that blow your world apart, to be rebuilt or adjusted to. Glacial pace or like lightning, it’s about stimulating and feeding life, moving forward and providing new opportunities for further growth. I recently witnessed something which really resonated [...]

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Valentine's Day – Are You Still Single?

Let’s face it, for those of us who are The Last Single Gals/Guys Standing again this year, it can be a little bit challenging. As much as we tell ourselves it doesn’t matter; we are powerful and highly independent individuals, we don’t need someone to make us happy, we are so used to having the [...]

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Too Grumpy To Feel Grateful?

Too grumpy to feel Grateful?  Try a little appreciation instead. Don’t you hate it when someone says to you how important it is to feel gratitude when you’re right in the middle of feeling sorry for yourself or blaming the world for your woes? You’re like ‘Do you mind not interrupting me, can’t you see [...]

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The Modern Trinity: Reflection, Gratitude and Celebration

When I was given the topic for this article, of these three words, I wondered: what do they have to do with each other? Nothing! I thought, I’ll just focus on celebration, that’s much more me. But then it occurred to me that celebration is the end stage of the process and to have something [...]

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About Hartley Williams

My name is Hartley Williams and I am an Aboriginal person from Noongar nation in Western Australia. I am pleased to write about some of the most memorable events which have enabled me to reflect on the positive aspects of each experience making this article an interesting read for the TV Intimacy magazine readers. During [...]

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Busting The Myths of Tantra

As a Tantric Coach one of my greatest passions is to awaken beautiful humans to the MYTHS that surround Tantra. The greatest LIE that we in the Western world believe is that Tantra ‘is all about SEX’… It’s just not true. I just published a Chapter in a book, ‘Your Well Being, Sunrise Edition’, on exactly [...]

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Reclaim Your Personal Power

Starting over is like starting from scratch, isn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be. It all depends on your perspective. I, for one, choose not to see it that way. It doesn’t have to feel as though your life until that point has been a waste, because it hasn’t been. But that’s your choice. [...]

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My Secret, Why My Life is Better Now That My Husband is DEad

It’s strange, but Alec and I used to talk about what would happen if the other one died. Those conversations always brought me to tears. These days my life is a fantastic concoction of gratitude, surprise and optimism. I can barely believe that my life is better now that my husband is dead. I found [...]

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Most People Are Suffering In Broken Relationships And They Don’t Even Realize It

My very first break up wasn’t expected… it felt like a rug was pulled underneath me and I got smacked to the ground out of nowhere. Thank fucking God I wasn’t married because I would’ve lost all my shit in the process while I literally and hypothetically got my ass kicked. Seriously I challenged a [...]

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