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Tips to Master Edging

Orgasm Denial 101   Reposted and written by littlemisssubshine: Disclaimer: This was originally written for my husband to understand what orgasm denial is, and all the things he needed to know to participate in my own denial. Thus it’s written for a man, from a woman. I’ll try to cover some things for you men [...]

A Tantric Approach to Valentine’s Day

As a Tantra teacher and somatic sexologist I often notice with couples I’m blessed and honoured to guide—particularly those who’ve been in a long-term relationship—romance and passion has waned. However, it does not have to be that way at all. Every day can have a Valentine’s Day flavor once you ignite the flame of passion [...]

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Busting The Myths of Tantra

As a Tantric Coach one of my greatest passions is to awaken beautiful humans to the MYTHS that surround Tantra. The greatest LIE that we in the Western world believe is that Tantra ‘is all about SEX’… It’s just not true. I just published a Chapter in a book, ‘Your Well Being, Sunrise Edition’, on exactly [...]

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When The Marriage Is Over Let The Feeling Begin

So what’s it like to be in what for the most part is an ostensibly happy marriage with two beautiful children, two cars, two dogs and a view of the ocean? We’re sold it as living the dream and I’ll be honest, I was enjoying the dream until one day, like all dreams, it ended.  [...]

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How Tantra Can Help Porn Addiction

By Ella (Pam Ella) Dependence on arousal and orgasm, either through masturbation, porn, or with a partner or several partners leads to feeling tired, frustrated and depleted. This is a situation of which I’ve healed hundreds of men, women and couples with the modern day version of Tantra or ‘NEO’ Tantra, meaning Non Ejaculatory Orgasm. [...]

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Assimilating ancient practices of Tantra into modern-day living

Tantra blends spirituality with sexuality in an ancient mindful practice that cultivates the intimate connection between yourself and your partner. When couples that value their relationship take the time to explore this authentic way of living and lovemaking they create dynamic space together without having to close down or censor themselves. They can experience deeper [...]

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IntimacyTV Magazine March 2017

You can download the PDF of version of the magazine HERE: IntimacyTV  Magazine  March 2017  This month's theme is Education, with 4 dimensions: Physical (topics such as yoga lifestyle, 200 orgasms for better health, different kissing styles etc.), Mental (Concepts of a fit male, Mental depression, The mental side of sex that people don't know about etc.), Emotional [...]