Tantra blends spirituality with sexuality in an ancient mindful practice that cultivates the intimate connection between yourself and your partner. When couples that value their relationship take the time to explore this authentic way of living and lovemaking they create dynamic space together without having to close down or censor themselves. They can experience deeper love, pleasure, surrender, freedom, acceptance, healing and a loving connection.
Traditional Tantra has been around for over 10,000 years. Tantra, in all its flavours, can be assimilated into modern-day living to inspire the art of giving and receiving. Tantra principles offer couples new ways to develop an extraordinary love relationship no matter what age or stage of their life together. Tantra moves beyond learning sexual positions—it awakens you to experiencing full-bodied heart-connected orgasms that are not goal or outcome oriented.
Tantra is not about sexual positions and extended orgasms, as some would lead you to believe. It is about learning how to breathe deeply, relaxing the body enough to open awareness, sensitivity and receptivity to be more present to yourself and your partner. Deeper full-body breaths offer longevity and thriving aliveness, among the many benefits to your health and wellbeing.
When the focus is moved from the genitals to the heart, couples learn to connect from a deeper part of themselves. Tantra can weave and expand deeper states of consciousness that can bring a gentle flow of joy and ecstasy to their relationship and lovemaking on so many levels. In these moments couples get a chance to experience a quality time together away from the distractions of everyday life.
Tantra addresses emotional stability through teaching you the difference between feelings and emotions—understand the world is not coming at us it is coming through us. When you apply this realisation to your life it changes all your relationships, not just with your partner. You learn to embrace all parts of you and all your feelings, comfortable and uncomfortable.
The language of Tantra comes from the heart not the mind, to help gain the clarity around where a relationship is, and where a couple may want to take that relationship. Clear conversation with healthy boundaries allows couples the chance to clear the blockages stopping them from cultivating the sexual intimacy they deeply desire. This makes for a much better relationship within the coupleship, and with everyone.
When Tantric practices are embraced mentally and physically you can explore how to be present in your body and get clearer on what to release from the past—stop the unproductive habits and learned behaviours that may have been holding your back. Tantra helps you to move forward with the freedom of your own choices based on giving you more present flow and ease in body and mind to be a healthy fully expressed, sexually and emotionally, vital and energetic being of modern-day living.
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Jenni Mears
Embodied Inner Alchemy Therapist, Somatic Sexologist, Relationship and Intimacy Tantra Teacher for Couples, Founder of Embodied Inner Alchemy™ Academy an internationally approved training provider and published author. www.jennimears.com 
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