Why are you passionate about your business?
Freedom is really important for me. I’ve been in business since I was 22 years old and ended up running 4 Aveda Salons with 14 staff working over 70 hours a week in a toxic environment and the fairy-tale of being a business owner looked more like my nightmare!
This journey started when a customer demanded I wash her hair with her hair care products and to also leave the conditioner in her hair. Not impressed, as I believed my products were great and this was a no no in my industry I did as she asked and the results blew me away. She left my salon without advising me further about the hair care. So I searched the company name and they sent out a single mum with three children to see me and showed me a concept I had never seen before. She didn’t come in to sell me shampoo she sold me a lifestyle. At the time my husband had chronic fatigue, my son had stomach issues & an ulcerated oesophagus, I had hormone issues and other members had issues like allergies and asthma. So I tried the products and all our ailments lifted within two weeks and within 2-3months I could see these products were really different. I checked out the business model and saw it was aligned with my values and offered me freedom of time and also financials. I signed up, got rid of my salons and the rest is history!
Who can benefit from your products?
Everyone! The customer benefits first. It’s not just about toxins in our environment and products it’s the toxins in your wallet.  When people are going down the aisles of a supermarket and looking at personal care they are burning their money and their health.
What makes your business unique?
This company has been around 27years and was not only the first company to alarm the world of harmful ingredients; they also avoid harmful controversial ingredients in all their products. Their ingredients are first extraction meaning they are the purest and tested with chromatography and if the bands match up they release it. For example we have just released the new makeup range. It has been a project for 3 years and was ready 10 months ago but Australia did not have BPA Free packaging so they would not release the products even though they were losing money. They refuse to release anything that is controversial or harmful in any way and its not just about the product itself it goes all the way to the packaging.
What are your client’s key challenges?
Eczema, asthma, hormonal issue (with women), fatigue, bad skin, lacking energy and many more… Then there are those that are just looking for more healthy products and looking for a one stop shop where all the research has been done for them and they can purchase a majority of their household products online and have them delivered straight to their door in under 48hrs on most cases. Also there are those who are looking to create an income whether it is their primary or passive.
How does what you do benefit our viewers?
Simply they are going to be connected to high quality safe products with no harmful ingredients. They get rewarded when they purchase products with either winning an experience drawn monthly or when they ‘Share The Love’.  
We all are raving fans of certain products but in this case whenever you rave and ‘Share the Love’ that person gets a $10 discount voucher and you are rewarded with $10 to spend on your next order for each person you shared it with. And lets not forget about monthly offers and discount vouchers sent in addition to those customers. I love that people can stay just as an online customer or decide to be apart of the business and everyone benefits. Win/Win!
Is there anything exciting coming up?
We have a few face-to-face workshops coming up where we will introduce the new makeup range where you can touch, smell, feel, and try.
Doncaster Shoppingtown Hotel – The Skyline Room
19 Williamsons Road, Doncaster.
1March 10.30-1.00pm
3 March 7-9.30pm (includes Fashion Stylist from Style Identity)
I also do FB live every Tuesday nights in our private group Complete Lifestyle Solutions, which is invite only for those that are interested so make sure you contact the ladies from IntimacyTV on Facebook to set you up. We explain that why and how your skincare and even your lipstick could be making you fat!
3 best tips for our audience?
You must Desire to want to do this or any business
You must be Coachable and Teachable to succeed
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Helene Polydorou