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Reclaiming Sexual Radiance

Isn’t it crazy that we have to learn how to be in our sexual radiance and sovereignty? Isn’t it crazy that the very thing that has the greatest potential for expansion and connection is also the thing that is most shamed... Reclaiming sexual radiance is often the last step women take in their personal development [...]

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A Tantric Approach to Valentine’s Day

As a Tantra teacher and somatic sexologist I often notice with couples I’m blessed and honoured to guide—particularly those who’ve been in a long-term relationship—romance and passion has waned. However, it does not have to be that way at all. Every day can have a Valentine’s Day flavor once you ignite the flame of passion [...]

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Straight Talk With Melina and Jane

Question: Mixed signals! What should I do? I’ve been seeing a girl - Amy on and off and there are so many mixed signals, i’m not quite sure what to do. I was in a relationship when I first met her through friends. She said she wanted me so bad but I was with someone. [...]

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Why Love My Jade Wand (or ‘spiritual’ sex toys and why to use them).

By Coutney Maria Halsted Did you know that your yoni (vagina) is the seat of your consciousness if you have one? Did you know that having lots of yummy, penetrative orgasms is vital for your health, happiness and wellbeing A number of women I know have told me that when they’re not in partnership, they [...]

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All Dates Should Eventually Lead To The Bedroom

We are all subject to visual, physical attraction. We see someone who looks hot, buffed, gorgeous, handsome and we are drawn to them, we are curious, and we want to know more about them. That’s why advertising agencies use physically attractive models to sell products. We respond to beauty, symmetry, health, vitality and we lust [...]

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Fact Versus Fiction: Female Masturbation

Fact Versus Fiction: Female Masturbation While we’re certain you’ve been celebrating either way, it might be news to you that May is National Masturbation Month. So in honor of the month of May, we’re here to shine a light on some commonly-held misconceptions of ladies’ self-fulfillment – pay attention, gentlemen.   90% of women masturbate. [...]

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25 Reasons To Love Yourself Fully And Wholeheartedly

Loving yourself fully and wholeheartedly is one of the hardest things a human being can experience and it is an ongoing journey that never ends. We are awesome at giving to everyone but ourselves. We are brilliant at having compassion and empathy for others, but we constantly beat ourselves up everyday. We constantly fear we [...]

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More Taboo Fantasies

By  Tracy Louise Let’s Look at The Forbidden, Swinging and Infidelity. The Forbidden In the 1970s and 1980s, we had the works of Father Andrew Greeley and Colleen McCullough with their tormented men of the cloth.   What is more sexually frustrating than something you cannot have?  Someone else’s wife/boyfriend/daughter - Priest!   … What is more [...]

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