Isn’t it crazy that we have to learn how to be in our sexual radiance and sovereignty?
Isn’t it crazy that the very thing that has the greatest potential for expansion and connection is also the thing that is most shamed…
Reclaiming sexual radiance is often the last step women take in their personal development journey. It is such an important step! So many women are ridden with self-doubt, lack of boundaries and lack of sexual radiance, all of which hold them back from achieving their full potential as women.
But once a woman steps into that space of reclaiming her pleasure for herself, her sexual sovereignty and power… Boom! She suddenly becomes more visible and comfortable with being seen!

Her radiance gets turned on, her magnetism amplifies as she grounds more into the essence of her being, she discovers a deeper connection to herself, her partner, children as well as her friends, clients and colleagues.
She becomes visible to new clients, promotions and other opportunities she desires. Creating sexual flow and creating success are deeply interwoven, as both are anchored in your sacral chakra.
Awakened men are looking for women who know their bodies, who have certainty in the bedroom and can express their desires. But how do we learn that?
The only way to find out is through trial and error in the form of self-pleasure!
But because of the stigma and shame that has been put on masturbation, we don’t know our own body and often place the sole responsibility for our pleasure on poorly trained partners, who fumble in the dark… Sounds familiar?
It is time that women discover how to awaken the untapped source of power within their womb, yoni and vagina.
It is time that we women truly connect with ourselves and learn how to expand our orgasmic potential to attain deeper states of connection, spiritual awareness and success.
It is time that we let go of stigma and claim what is rightfully ours.

Our pleasure.
There seems to be a perception that it is a luxury to have a good sex life.
Pleasure changes the brain chemistry. Pleasure changes the way our nervous system responds. Pleasure nourishes us in a very tangible, neurological and physiological way.
It is my passion to assist women on their journey to reclaim passion and sexual radiance in their life and I have created a 4-week online program to do exactly that.
Krystal Alexander-Hille has guided women for the past ten years to drop into alignment with their feminine flow, their passion and soul purpose. Coming from a soul lineage of High Priestesses, she is an international channel of the divine feminine, author, speaker, mentor and workshop facilitator.