How many times have you got the New Years Eve and said “Fuck 201(_)!!!      I’m done!       That year sucked.
I’ve known many people who have done the ‘Gratitude Jar’ for the year for this very reason. Every New Years Eve they would open the jar and start reading all the notes they have left for themselves to remind them that this year simply wasn’t as shit as they thought it was. For me waiting a whole year to complete this isn’t quick enough!
gratitude jar
I’ve participated in soo many self development workshops that if there is anything I’ve learned is when you have a goal and it’s a big one you feel like you’re never going to get there. It’s like a giant mountain and your drowning in the everyday crap that seems to get in the way of this transition to get to this goal.

What if I told you the SECRET is celebrating everything is in bite size amounts?

I noticed one thing I sucked at was celebrating my achievements. It was always heads down and bum up and you just keep pushing through because you haven’t reached this goal yet.
If you celebrate each small milestone let me tell you getting to that goal flows easier and with a lot more joy. So bugger off the annual reminder and how about doing a 30 DAY GRATITUDE JAR.
I mean if Oprah can have one why can’t you?
Even Dr. Wayne Dyer once said, “Happiness is not something that you get in life. Happiness is something that you bring to life.”
So lets bring happiness, joy and gratitude to your life DAILY! Every day for 30 days where on the last day of the month you can celebrate with a reminder of how amazing your month was. Trust me when I say this will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
So how do I do this?

  1. Get a Jar
  2. Get some colored small pieces of paper & pens
  3. Match your feeling of your gratitude for THAT day with a piece of colored paper
  4. Write DAILY. Don’t judge yourself on how big or small as it’s all-powerful. Start your statement with “I am grateful/thankful for ____ because _____”
  5. On the last day of the month grab a wine or coffee (drink of your choice) and open the jar and remind yourself of all the amazing things that happened this month. Power is in words.
  6. Smile and FEEL where in your body the joy and happiness sits with each message
  7. Share this with someone else, as this will influence them to try it out 😉
  8. Start again with another empty jar for the new month

So if your not sure what to write here are some

  • Find the positive in your day (you can always find the positive in the negative if you look with an open mind)
  • What do you love the most about yourself today?
  • What action did you do today to bring you closer to your goal?
  • What risk did you take today that was worth it (this could be acting affirmative and getting something done you were procrastinating about)
  • Who are you most grateful for today in your life and why?
  • Who helped you become more of who you really are today?
  • Write a positive affirmation
  • What experience strengthened you today?
  • What activity did you do that brought you joy?
  • What FEAR did you overcome today?
  • Describe something that made you laugh till you nearly peed yourself
  • Describe something you did nice for someone else today
  • What did you de-clutter from your life today?
  • What new skill did you learn today?
  • Describe you love where you live

You’ll definitely see transformation if you have gratitude for every day for the next 30 days by yourself however, if you really want to move mountains – share your gratitude with someone else.