As human beings, we all crave love and connection because they are part of our primal nature. It is the single most common reason why we get into relationships in the first place; and a lack of love and connection is also a common reason for many relationship breakdowns.

When it comes to intimate relationships, the acts of love, connection and appreciation need to be mutual. Just as women need pampering and reassurance from their man now and then, men have the need to feel loved and wanted too.
As women, we can have the best intentions at heart but without understanding what our man needs and desires, it’s a bit like throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks. The easiest way to win (and keep) his heart is to understand his needs and what he’s craving the most.
Making your man feel happy and loved doesn’t have to be hard or daunting.
These simple tips will help you make your man feel very special and loved:
1) Express love and affection
Men need love as much as women, though they might not express it often enough.
For many men, physical touch is one of their love languages, which means that they feel most loved and appreciated through the physical act of touch. So don’t be shy to show him lots of affection (i.e. kisses, hugs, cuddles, massages etc.). Nothing drives a man crazy as when his woman takes the initiative.
2)  Show appreciation
Men also love to feel needed and appreciated in the relationship.
Even though we have evolved into modern men and women, it’s still in a man’s DNA to feel like he’s the protector and provider of the family.

It is his utmost responsibility to make his family feel safe, protected and happy.

So make sure you acknowledge him for his efforts, no matter how small. Tell him how much you appreciate his presence in your life and all the things he has contributed to the house, family and the relationship. Tell him how proud you are to be his partner. 

3) Express acceptance
Regardless of being a man or a woman, we all have our flaws and imperfections.
As women, we often reach out for support to deal with the mistakes in our past or our flaws (our body etc.) Men do have their own insecurities and challenges too but they are often told to ‘man up’ and get on with life.
When your man faces a crisis in his life (job, business, money etc.), remember to give him some space and time to process and make decisions.
Stand by him, love, accept and support him through this tough time.
4) Dedicate time for connection and intimacy
Connection and intimacy are crucial parts of a healthy and loving relationship.
No matter how busy things can be, make sure you dedicate time to re-connect and re-ignite the spark in your relationship.
Take the initiative to schedule some date nights or connection time with each other.
5) Make it fun and spontaneous
When you were first together, how much fun did you have?
As time goes by, many couples get caught up in the monotony of everyday routine and responsibilities and they stop having fun and being spontaneous together.
Go do something together that gives you both pure joy and happiness. Nothing strengthens your relationship like sharing an experience that you both enjoy.
Think about what you both always wanted to do but haven’t done yet.
Take these tips to heart and show your man how much he really means to you and/or your family.
You’ll be surprised the difference it will make in your relationship and how much love and support he’ll give you in return.
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