People often say “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, however, when it comes to dating, selecting a compatible partner will determine the success of your relationship.  Not all the guys you meet will be your “Prince Charming”. Let’s get real here, it is extremely rare to know if someone is your ‘Soul Mate’ after 2-3 dates.  In fact, 95% of the time you’ll meet Mr. Wrong before you meet Mr. Right.  When you jump into relationship too quickly, you might end up getting hurt emotionally (and in some situations, physically).
It is beneficial to understand different kinds of men that you need to date with caution or avoid:
– Save you time, energy and effort that you might invest in a new relationship
– Help you avoid heartbreaks
– Save you from getting into an unhealthy or dysfunctional relationship where you might be hurt physically or emotionally
– Allow you to focus on attracting Mr. Right into your life.
So here are 5 types of guys you need to date with caution:

Mr. Too Perfect:

He is smooth, charming and dreamy. He dresses and carries himself well. He seems to just know exactly what to say and when to say it and he seems to have everything sorted. He nails it when it comes to sweet talking, flirting and seducing the ladies. He can be a great kisser and lover, he seems to have his moves down to a tee. When it comes to relationships, he seems to promise you the world but hardly delivers. The problem with Mr. Too Perfect is that he doesn’t seem to be satisfied with just one woman. He is constantly looking for Miss Perfect, hence is happy being with many different women.

Mr. Narcissist

He starts out just like any normal guy but quickly changes after you commit to a relationship with him. He demonstrates signs of control, tries to break your confidence and separate you from your friends, family and support network. He is easily jealous, extremely possessive and obsessive, always likes to know your whereabouts, what you do, who you are with. He will try to stop you from leaving by telling you that no one wants you, that you are unworthy and unlovable.

Mr. Afraid of Commitment

He is someone who has commitment issues and will happily do casual dating. In some cases, you’ll find him being someone who is over 30 but hasn’t had more than a couple of serious relationships. Mr. Afraid of Commitment is reluctant to call you his girlfriend and will avoid taking you to meet his family at all costs. He avoids talking about his future intentions for the relationship and anytime he feels that you two are turning into a fully committed relationship, he bolts. He is also reluctant to be emotionally connected with you due to his fear of commitment/getting hurt.

Mr. Needy/Desperate

Contrary to Mr. Afraid of Commitment, Mr. Needy/Desperate is keen to spend every minute with you. He talks about future plans such as going away, meeting the family, marriage, kids etc. way too early in the relationship. He craves lots of attention and will snap any opportunity to be with you day and night. He might come across as needy or desperate and wants to lock you in as soon as possible. He is the kind of guy that is afraid to be alone so he jumps from one relationship to another. His self-esteem or self worth is tightly attached to the status of the relationship.

Mr. Never Grow Up

Like the title says, Mr. Never Grow Up never grows up. He will be someone who is in his 30s, still lives at home with mum and dad, doesn’t have a job or doesn’t really care about his career/future, he is content with where he is at, plays video games all day and doesn’t acquire any life skills. He is indecisive, emotionally immature, doesn’t feel like he needs to try hard when it comes to life or relationships. He doesn’t like stepping out of his comfort zone, gives up quickly when things get too hard.


These are some of the types I’ve encountered. You need to be aware of these traits/characteristics and date with caution. Remember, when it comes to dating, you need to bring your head, heart and intuition into it. Never rush into relationship too quickly, take your time to find out about the other person. The stronger the friendship you build with the person, the better it is for the long-term relationship.
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