I know sex in my 40’s is way better for soo many reasons.

So I want to start by saying for those of you that think that when you get older it gets boring and you die, Wrong!!!
Sex in my late teens (yes that’s when I lost my virginity) and 20’s was predictable on one hand however as it was first for everything so fumbling and the “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing” scenario was common. There were a few positions, the giggles when dirty talk was attempted, and bugger all conversation about needs and fantasies. Then I got married and sex became a little more regimented and on a schedule. Divorce no#1 came around and the horny little 16yr old re-emerged to go and play again.
My 30’s came along and with my then husband no#2 singing the tune “Dirty 30’s”, I wondered what the hell happened! My hormones in my early thirties took a hike and so did my natural bodily lubrication capabilities. Oh what I would have done to have thrown out that prudish mentality for a drop of lubricant! Yes, I thought lubricant was a dirty thing. Go figure. I scold the stupidity of that woman, as all she did was make her life uncomfortable in the bedroom. Anyway, with that came a lower libido that in all honesty made me feel embarrassed and a freak. I mean…what was happening to me?
Later I was to learn that it was a temporary situation (of nearly two years) till the hormones and the desire to get physical would return to a normal level.
What I didn’t know was what was to come.
Hello Randy 40’s! Not only am I human lube machine but even when I think I don’t want it, ten minutes is all I need to desire it like a drug!
Luckily for me by the time I hit forty I had finished marriage no#2, spent a few years on a self discovery journey, realized sex, lube, adult toys and surrendering fully was…well my new mantra and frickin awesome! So here is all I can tell you young whipper snappers out there thinking sex after 30 is a non event, right now your libido and hormones are running the show telling you that the last thing you can think of is getting sexy but it will get better.
Unless you’re dead there is no reason to not get sexy and find happy hormones.
So let me tell you some hints and tips of sex after 40:
1. Hormone control
To level out your hormones eat dried apricots. They are full of natural estrogen. Great to control those mood swings at that time of the month (and it has been said a secret weapon when pregnant to have a prettier looking baby). I also suggest you look into the amazing Endau range of ‘natural’ supplements to help balance it out (I’m happy to point you in the right direction there). I’m a raving fan of these non-chemical products and the results for tens of thousands of women have been amazing both pre/post menopause.
2. Communication is the key
By the time your 40 you should know your body and what you like and don’t like and you will also have the confidence as a mature women to tell your partner just that! Hence, better sex, better love, better intimacy, better relationships.
3. Happy hormones = happy life
Not only will you want to get frisky more but also the more you play the more you want it. The more you climax the younger you will look. That’s right, orgasms can take 4-7yrs off your age. Who doesn’t want that!
4. Flash less!
Older women start to dress with class and style. When I go out I am approached by more men then my younger counterparts. Why? They are wearing short and tight skirts while I wear more knee length sophisticated clothing. Promiscuous behavior and fashion sense equals a guy who has nil respect for you and your needs will not be met. Quality men are drawn to sophistication, which also equals mutual satisfaction and a happier you.
Couple touching foreheads in bed
5. Confidence is the key
You will be more confident within your own skin…again one of the best seduction techniques out there. You won’t have to look or coax men; they will naturally be drawn to you. The best tip to show confidence is TURN THE LIGHTS ON! There is nothing sexier then a woman who wants him to see all of her.
6. Sexual experimentation
Hair pulling, spanking (I still giggle a little when this happens) wrist or ankle restraints, floggers, sensory deprivation and adult toys — I never encountered any of these in my younger days. I believe, and statistics show, that a lot of baby boomers have become kinkier as they’ve grown older, whereas a lot of younger folks start out kinky thanks to porn that we were never a privy to online (I mean computers came out when I was in High School). The difference is that young people are learning sex from porn which is fundamentally incorrect (positions are not stimulating as its all about the camera angle) and we got to learn by trial and error. Adding playtime fun as an older woman is like learning to drive a manual car after you have been driving an automatic for years and road safe. Easier experience, way more pleasurable.
7. Grooming is a must!
No more bears in your lap ladies! No more winter hair. No more granny or period knickers. If there is any advice I am going to give you it is this, always always be prepared to get naked and let your hormones rip!
So ladies go out there and get a grip on those hormones today and show them who is the boss today!
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