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Our LOGO: 

Many have asked how I came about this logo and what it means. I saw it etched into my wrist in my visions and has been burnt in my minds eye ever since. I then started to research these symbols to have a greater understanding and found the connection to my years of study and work…divinely connected. In short it represents

Strength…Renewal…All Seeing


Represents ‘strength’ as all three sides have weight evenly distributed between them. It also being ‘grounded’ but the top of the triangle representing the soul is pointing up to heaven; having the ongoing connection between Heaven and Earth.

The Triangle also represents the Holy Trinity for example The Father, Son and Holy Ghost and the Maiden, Mother and Crone. Also seen as a Pyramid these represent the primordial mound in which earth was created.


Snake eating it tail represents the ‘eternal cycle of time’. Creation out of destruction, repetition, renewal, infinity, wholeness, and ‘consciousness’ and from as far back as 1600 BC “all is one”. It is the formless disorder that surrounds the orderly world. This symbol has travelled from ancient Egyptian culture where it represents the unified Ra-Osiris to Roman history of Gnostic duality to being seen as analogue of the Taoist Yin & Yang to the modern day basic Mandala of Alchemy.

Eye of Horus:

Represents the “all seeing eye” or God Power. Eternity of the Providence. The eye is protection, royal power and good health. It is the resilient healer and the left eye represents the Moon God Djehuti & Thoth of secret knowledge.

Sacred Potential…Built as a Guiding Tool for all those ready to Dig Deep, Learn & Grow


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Grab your FREE Human Design Booklet and learn more today about who YOU really are