Name/nickname: Angela (Ange)
Country & City: Pert Australia
Age: 40
Gender: Female
Profession: Business Owner
What did you come out as (gay, bi, transgendered, use any terms you like here)? Queer
How old were you when you first realized your identity? I knew I was different around 12, but pushed it down and ignored it until my mid 20’s
How hard was it to decide to come out?
I felt I didn’t have a choice in the end,
I didn’t want to live a life I thought was
acceptable to everyone else.
How old were you when you first told someone? 27
Did you plan it? No
What made you choose that person to tell?
She was very progressive and I knew
I felt safe telling her
Can you remember exactly what you said?
Not really, I think we were having a conversation about being gay over drinks and I probably
mentioned it then
How did you feel? Relieved
What was the person’s reaction? She wasn’t fazed
What did they say? Probably that she wasn’t surprised
What was your relationship with the person like afterwards? We became closer. I think she felt special that she was the first person I told and trusted with something so important. She was probably happy not to compete over men too.
What’s it like now? We drifted apart due to different life choices, she got married and had kids, I started a business.
Since coming out, how has that affected these areas of your life (Education, Job, Family, Friends, Relationships etc.) Everything in my life became better and more real. I now choose to surround myself with progressive thinking people who are interested in making the world a better place and are pro all types of equality (race, gender, sexuality, disability etc). I also run my own business with my partner so we’re lucky we can also choose who we work with.
What does being out mean to you? Being accepting of who you are and others knowing
If you could do it all again, would you do it any differently? I wouldn’t change anything, I consider myself extremely lucky to have amazing people in my life who support me 100%, if they don’t then they’re probably not in my life.
What advice would you give someone wanting to come out? There are many others like you out there and support groups, go find them and talk to them. I feel it takes more energy to hide who you are than to just be you. Being LGBTI is only a small part of who you are, it’s your heart and soul that people love, not who you are attracted to. If someone judges you on that then they probably judge everyone on different issues, don’t waste your energy on them, find those people who love you for you.
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