Have you ever felt the energy of love completely engulf you, as a puppy excitedly scrambles into the room and jumps all of you in state of pure joy and gratitude to see you?
The feeling is amazing, because in that moment you truly understand what it feels like to be loved unconditionally. It doesn’t matter how you look, what you clothes you are wearing, or what car you drive – this puppy is ecstatic to see you no matter how you are showing up in the world.
This state of pure receptivity and love of the moment is one of the key attributes that makes puppies such a pleasure to be around. Puppies are so excited and curious in each and every moment, always exploring what is going on around them waiting to see and receive guidance on what to do next.
You too, like a puppy have the ability to exist in a state of pure curiosity, enabling your mind and your heart to be open to each and every new moment.
What if the next time you experienced a negative emotion, rather than labelling and critiquing it, you allowed your mind to become curious and open. Curious what the emotions is, and open to allowing this e-motion (energy in motion) to move through you; opening you up to a place of pure receptivity.
This place of receptivity is the space where creation arises. This primordial state of being, which is the seat of your intuition and your ability to receive guidance and creative solutions is connected to the divine feminine energy that exists within every female and male.
The rise of the importance of connecting to your divine feminine, whether you are male or female is becoming ever more present and apparent. Your ability to become acquainted and connected with your feminine energy gives rise to greater fulfilment, connection and and active intuitive guidance, creating a loving foundation where you begin to become your own guide, which creates space for the possibility of self mastery to arise.
Could you imagine how incredible it would be to have a constant supply of answers to every question that you could ever have? The amazing thing is – you already do, as your intuition is eagerly waiting to connect with you in loving service for you.
One of the key ingredients in activating your own personal guide – your intuition, is the power of appreciation and gratitude. When you open (and activate) your heart to see the underlying gift and purpose in each and every moment, you awaken the mind to a state of harmonised presence.
This state allows the mind to exist in a state of openness, creating a clear unimpeded pathway for the voice of your intuition to guide and nurture you.
Activating your heart is the key to this effortless opening and unfolding. A simple tool to awaken your heart is the act of simply placing your hand on your heart, and begin thinking of a loving memory that elicits a heart felt state of love. Allow this feeling to wash over your body. This beautiful tool will open the heart, making you receptive to the guidance that awaits you.
Begin doing this daily. Place a notepad by your bed, activate your heart and ask a question. Begin writing down anything that comes through you – don’t censor to control it, just allow it to flow.
As you allow yourself to connect in with this receptive state of feminine flow, you will find more ideas, opportunities, love and abundance magnetically drawn to you.
As you allow yourself to receive, you never know, magic may happen…
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Kristen Date
Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive Healer. Teacher and Writer
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