– Are you in a relationship that has lost its spark and is lacking sex/intimacy?
– Are you sexually frustrated and want to know how you can feel more sexually empowered & satisfied?
– Would you like to know how to add more spice and variety into the bedroom?
If you say YES to any of the above, we invite you to explore & get involved in our REAL, RAW, AUTHENTIC conversations in this program called:


When it comes to a happier life & relationship, sex/intimacy is a big important part that is rarely taught or discussed about. We have had many clients coming to us with their frustrations in the bedroom including:
– A lack of sex/intimacy and connection in their relationship/marriage
– Feeling like their focus has been on their children instead of their relationship/sex life
– Not feeling good/sexy about their body or feeling sexually embarrassed/shamed
– Feeling rejected,shut down or neglected by their partner Want to add some variety into the bedroom but not sure how
– Some have been abused in the past which leads to shame and embarrassment etc.
These are amongst many we have come across. If you are dealing with any or some of these frustrations, we just want you to know that it is completely normal. These topics are not honestly and openly talked or discussed, which only causes more frustration and confusion. Hence, we created this program for people just like you and unveil the curtains on how to have a more passionate, hotter and more satisfying sex/intimacy life.
What also makes the program unique and different is that these are simple, easy to apply strategies that WORK!!! In each video, we’ll go through some of the hot topics that are rarely talked or discussed about. you’ll find real life experiences and examples that have worked for us personally and for our clients. The program is designed in a way that is not only insightful and educational but also are fun and light hearted. You’ll be walking away learning the tools and insights on how to:

  • With this program you’ll be learning the tools and insights on how to:
  • Re-ignite your relationship spark and intimacy/sex
  • Learn the truths and cool insights/strategies on how to have a happier, hotter and more satisfying sex life
  • Feel more empowered within your body and how to rock it inside and outside of the bedroom
  • How to remove any body shame/embarrassment from past emotional events
  • How to deal with the porn issue in your relationship
  • … and many more

We have combined our experience & expertise to share with you the best that we have learned over the years to figure out the codes to an amazing and hotter sex life.
We have done the leg work for you…sharing with you only those we have tested & applied in our lives and from our clients that we have worked with. This program allows you to do it in the comfort of your own home, when it fits you & your schedule.
Join Melina, Jane and Patty in learning how to have the best sex life you could ever imagine
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