Have you noticed how this generation of teenagers seem to more brash then those of the past? The reality is they have
That’s right, you tell the kids to not drink and in the same sentence ask them to grab the beer/wine from the fridge for you. You tell them not to do drugs while you roll up in front of them or smoke out on the back porch thinking your kids won’t know its weed rather then a cigarette. Tell them to use protection when they are having sex even though you have either 3 kids to 3 different daddies or that ‘accident’ baby as you’ve mentioned. REALLY????!!!!
Here is the short of it. Kids of today will not take your hypocrisy at all!!
To make is worse these teenagers have HORMONES RUNNING THROUGH THEIR VIENS telling them to do stupid shit to take risks, and today generation of parents have allowed them to have NO BOUNDARIES.
Did you know that?
It makes them feel SAFE. With no boundaries they don’t know how far the fall is. That’s the reality. As adults we are here to tech them, to guide them. These boundaries need to be set early. How early? Literally as soon as they are in your presence, this is whether you are a parent or teacher or a baby sitter, aunty, uncle, friend. Boundaries are imperative. The more rebellious your child the more they are screaming for you attention and boundaries. It’s a call for help.
So how does all I’ve said above connect to the topic on this video of Sex Education?

  • Teenage girls are turning up to doctors offices with anal tears in droves
  • Porn is the new sex education with this being the first exposure to boys starting at 8 years old (and all boys…yes even yours…by 12 years old)
  • Sex education is too late when implemented in High School
  • Sex education needs to be done in the home (yes you MUST have some ‘talks’)
  • Kids need to see their parents intimate with each other (we are not talking about getting naked on the kitchen table here, just hugs, kisses and intimate embraces and touches)
  • Young men are telling girls that to get a kiss from them they must give them a blow job first (OMFG that one is a scary fact) and they are doing it

Here is the deal, all people need two things;

  1. Love
  2. Attention

That attention is about being ‘present’. Not…I’m in the room so I must be present. I mean all phones off, TV off, games off, computers off, all distractions gone and you are focused on them. On what THEY are saying and asking and needing. That is being present (something with technology we actually no longer do).
Me, I would allow people less than 18 years to have access to vibrators. I can tell you right now if young women were able to please themselves it would delay them losing their virginity. Better still, they would actually know their own body and able to communicate how to please them, as all vaginas are completely different and ladies…men are not mind readers!
I would also change the meaning behind ‘losing your virginity’ being vaginal penetration to
Losing your virginity = 1st orgasm for a female from a partner
Can you imagine that????
How many of you ‘adult’ women are reading this and saying “holy shit that means I’d still be a virgin!”
Sex Education must start in the Primary School system and here is two experts Melina Macdonald adult intimacy product educator and Tracy Louise from Phoenix in the field discussing why during their week at Melbourne Sexpo. Enjoy!




Tracey Louise

Director / Principle Sexological Body-Worker & Somatic SexEducator
Tracy has over 15 years experience in spiritual healing, body awareness, behavioural cognitive therapy (primarily in the area of addiction), co-dependency behaviour and sexual dysfunction. She has studied Bsc. Mind & Body medicine, Tantra, Reiki, Shiatsu massage and is Certified in Sexological bodywork and Somatic sex education.
Tracy is passionate about assisting people with intimacy and sexuality issues. She has a caring and compassionate disposition, is open and honest and creates an environment that nurtures with no judgement.
Tracy also studied Certificate IV in training and assessment which allows her to share her knowledge with others and holds regular workshops on a range of topics. Please see our Workshops for more information.
Tracy is a fully qualified and Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Massage Therapist.
W: www.purelyphoenix.com.au/sexological-bodywork/

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