Hello everyone. Wow this could seriously not be more in alignment with where I am right now “starting over”. As an energy healer and consciousness educator I have to lead the way in the world practicing what I teach in my personal life. i’m always looking for my trauma and emotional links to clear, or things that are affecting my reality and feel like i’m entering a phase of starting over.
Things had to change in my life. I was going around and around on a hamster wheel. I was attracting the same things. Even my home life living with two girls not self aware of their own trauma and not ready to surrender pride and keep projecting their stuff like it was separate from them (it’s something we all do in the ignorance is bliss or denial bubble, I know i was !!) not realising it was their deeper wounds which is why they got triggered. Look it just wasn’t their path at this point in their lives, maybe this life to to get this and thats totally ok.
As an example to those wanting to be more conscious in their lives, this is what the pride will do (your ego or lets say mind when it’s in control). It keeps you from BEING EMOTIONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF. Not ready to see, for a deeper healing, Which is what the heart space is all about. FEELING AND SURRENDERING THE MIND STORIES. The who’s right or wrongs were too important in a blame situation.
Look i wouldn’t change a thing they were perfect for me and my growth and I love them for playing their roles perfectly. This is what we do in soul contracts. We are souls that come into life ,meet who we are meant to meet and play out our roles for each others lessons and growth and I realised I couldn’t live like that anymore. It couldn’t of been any other way otherwise it would’ve been.
This is life and perfection in all it’s glory setup for our lessons. I realise now though that as I have grown more I cannot live in a household like that anymore our energies don’t match, it’s time to move on to a
We have reconnected in love again and are souls that have remembered each other and come back to unconditionally love each other and bring the real meaning in its entirety of what it actually is outside of a typical want/need 3Dimension relationship basis.
Full Unconditional love is 5Dimension. Love them no matter what forever, consciously remember and understand that, just being love and not wanting or needing it. You see, we are mixture or masculine and feminine energy regardless of what you are educated of males being masculine and females being feminine, masculine being the progress, “gotta get things done” energy, reaching goals, general progress and domain of past future thought,which is where stress is created also. Too much masculine energy is what creates stress!
Feminine energy is being present in the moment and realising creativity, inspiration, love and everything is perfect in the moment and always has been. By the way, this what yoga, meditation, mindfulness exercises etc do to get you in moment and are all about, connecting to feminine energy! If i was to offer some advice to people starting over. Trust the process of life.
Whatever you are travelling through realise it’s perfect and your soul asked for this. Remember this is the space of feminine energy, in a crazy way unbeknowns to you generally at time of trauma (depending on your level of awareness) it actually is really perfect regardless of your perception at the time. Keep breathing deep, nothing was ever solved by shallow breathing. BE REASSURED WHAT YOU ARE TRAVELLING THROUGH IS YOUR SOUL PATH AND YOU WILL BE PROVIDED FOR WITH WHAT YOU NEED AND TUNING IN WITH YOUR INTUITION WILL ONLY HELP YOU. Inspiration and intuition is your inner voice and is connected to you heart, drawing in soul energy or integrating soul energy down into your being so that’s why you are more calm in that space as you are more connected to soul and its traits and why shallow breathing does nothing for you because you are in the mind and suffering and self sabotage space.
Your heart anchors your higher self or life force energy into your experience and the energy which gets you on track again and brings harmony and healing to you and it is in the space of self awareness you witness all your growth and the soul remembers and logs the experience. Lastly surrender, surrender , surrender … let the pride step aside, the who’s right or wrongs aren’t important anymore…if you have triggers in your body and feeling emotions it’s your trauma to heal.
Thank the person, people or influence for bringing you the new phase of growth and go forward. Use your masculine energy to go forth with what your heart wants but at same time be present and realise all is perfect and you are on path. Your intuition will always bring you back on path.Its all perfect,trust ,trust, trust you’re a courageous challenging soul. Much love to you all
Tim Cox  Director/founder – Energy Alignment Practices Reiki/Seichim master, chakra balancing, energy alignments and groundings, Consciousness educator www.energyalignmentpractices.com.au