Well, this isn’t going to end well for anyone.
It’s been a couple of years in development hell but at long last, we can sit back and see what the final cut of the first 50 Shades novel o this trilogy is like.
I can’t say I agree with releasing this movie on Valentine’s Day however I can see it as a good media frenzy alignment being the most romantic day of the year. Its not quite perfect first date material if you ask me though.
Even some of the movie male reviewers felt squeamish in their chairs when faced with a cinema of women. Yes…women. This has been women’s Sex in the City viewing replacement for a girl’s night out.
Anyway, here is a quick overview based on the trailer, just in case you’ve been trapped in an elevator for the past week and missed it. Elevators feature quite heavily throughout.
We meet Ana Steele straight off the bat when Anastasia is sent to interview Mr. Grey. She wanders into his reception and then Ana is led meekly into Grey’s office. He stands, looking intensely out of the window. This is another recurring theme with Mr. Grey: Ana has her elevators Christian has his windows.
Then the trailer teases us with shot after shot of out of focus Grey’s…and then… BOOM. The money shot of who this mysterious man is. Obviously, Ana is thunderstruck straight away, as you can tell from this shot of her getting into an elevator. Then before you know it Christian is trying to suck Ana’s face off in an elevator and the rest is history. There’s some other stuff in the trailer but the analogy of Christian piloting a glider hinting how he is literally turning Ana’s world upside down is a beauty.
So what’s the verdict of the trailer? Well, there’s good news, and there’s bad news. There are not blatant constant references to the sex depicted in the novel only. They managed to keep it quite discreet but the snip bits of the Red Room leave you wanting to see more. The bad news, for those of us that have devoured the trilogy of novels, the main characters are…not even close to whom you would have envisioned to be cast in these roles. You scroll through your head of actors and instantly have a string a mile long of hot men you would replace Christian Grey with. I mean do you know who these actors are? I didn’t.
So first impressions have the sex scenes looking pretty good (as long as you actually thought they were good the in the book of course) and that the story line does actually follow the book instead of the normal butcher session done by Hollywood. They appear accurate and relatively intense and it was also nice to spot them using quality products such as the Lelo silk blindfold really showing that Grey does actually have some class.
So whether you love the 50 Shades series or hate it, you can’t deny that it has opened a can of worms and got tongues wagging all over the world about sex. Over time every generation has had its sexually defining piece of media on this controversial topic and this trilogy looks set to be ours.
It’s up to you to decide whether it has done more harm then good but wasn’t that the point of the exercise? All debates have an outcome of progression regardless of opinions. Its funny however when you think what would have happened if this was released during the ‘flower power era’. Would the debate have been that hot about what most people call ‘kinky’ sex or would they have just got on with it and left inhibitions at the door? Makes you wonder where we would be now as a sexual generation today.
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