Sex after Pregnancy

You’ve just had a baby and your partner is looking at you with that glint in his eye. All you can think is… Really? You have to be joking! You try pushing out a watermelon buddy and see how you like it!!!
Or maybe your thinking…Yeehaa! Bring it on. But hang on, is it ok to get back into action yet?
(For those who think the second scenario is unimaginable, I want you to know both are common reactions).
So, when can you start having sex after pregnancy?
Whether it was a natural delivery or C-Section, your body needs time to heal. It is recommended to wait between 4-6 weeks before having sex after delivery however, some people feel ready only after a few weeks. But this is sex; lovemaking comes in many forms so you both need to think outside the box and get creative. Resume your intimacy when you and you alone are ready.
Am I going to be in pain?
Yes it may hurt but there are ways of avoiding discomfort.
Firstly, your hormones are changing after childbirth. This is definitely if you decide to breastfeed. Your vagina can feel both dry and sore. If this is the case take it slow and concentrate on foreplay; massage, lots of kissing and external play whether manually or with a massager. A high-grade lubricant at this time is also recommended.
When your ready to step it up to actual lovemaking, make sure you use a lubricant and experiment on different positions till you find one that is more comfortable.
How will my body change after childbirth?
With natural delivery, your body has gone through physical strain causing a great reduction in muscle tone and tightness in your vagina. This is only temporary and breastfeeding has been known to help bring your uterus and vagina back into shape. However, it will not go back to its original shape without exercising your kegels prior and during pregnancy.
Toning your pelvic floor muscles prior to pregnancy and childbirth results in a faster recovery from the physiological effects of labour. The slackness of these muscles after childbirth can reduce the amount of inter-vaginal friction you normally have therefore reducing the pleasurable sensation of lovemaking.
If your not sure what your kegels muscles are, next time you go to the bathroom, try and stop half way through urinating for 5 seconds. That’s your pelvic floor muscle. Now doing the stop start stop start is one way to exercise these muscles. You can graduate yourself to Lelo Luna Bead kegels exercisers to do this job much easier and faster for you. Maintaining these muscles right through motherhood and beyond is vital ladies and recommended on the TV show The Doctors!
The most important information I can instil in you is when your ready to get back into the swing of things you will know and no-one can tell you otherwise!
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