1. .How do you feel about divorce?

  2. Why do you think rate is so high these days?

  3. Do you have a history of divorce in your family?

  4. Do you think peeple who have witnessed divorced are more inclined to divorced themselves?

  5. Should couple enter into marriage realistically, thinking that they might divorce some day, or

    steadfastly believe it will never be a viable option?

  6. How long would you be willing to work on a marriage before resorting to divorce?

  7. Under what circumstances (if any) would the only possible outcome for your marriage be divorce?

  8. Would having children change your viewpoint on divorce in any way?

  9. In what situations (if any) do you think having divorced parents could be better for children?

  10. In what ways do you think you’ve been affected by divorce, either personally or tangentially?

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