Why are you passionate about your purpose/mission, business/service?
When I was young, I always knew I wanted to help people, but didn’t know in what capacity. I toyed with police officer, nurse (blink of an eyelid timeframe!), teacher, but funnily enough didn’t do any of those. I had too much internal noise and discomfort to work with, before I was of any use to anyone else, so I spent many years delving and looking into why I felt so out of sorts, unhappy with who I was, unloving towards myself.This drive to find out how to become a person who smiled because they genuinely felt it, was secure and confident in who they were and had conviction and certainty in how to be happy has become the foundation of why I created my business platform. I see and feel that we live in a world where we are driven by More. We want more money, more stuff, more time, more gratification – but it’s smothering our natural instinctual ability to find happiness in the simple things, and then have the rest of our lives feed from that joy.
I can’t help but feel a deep internal pull towards helping people reconnect to their natural state of joy, and use that as the compass for living a wonderfully full and rich life.
Who can benefit from your service?
I have a natural affinity to attract women, but everyone benefits from having more happiness in their lives. I mostly find that people who work with me have a lot going on in their worlds,  successful in many areas, but are fed up with the constant niggling that they don’t feel as happy as they could be. successful in many areas, but are fed up with the constant niggling that they don’t feel as happy as they could be. It’s almost as if they have forgotten how to feel completely peaceful, and feel smothered under the layers of responsibility, and a pile of Life, and want to be able to find their happy place again- even if just for a while.
I work with people who know they want to feel more, rather than have more, and are curious to find out how to do that.
What makes you/service/business unique (sets you apart from other people within your industry)?
Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything fundamentally ‘special’ about me or what I do, but I love the way I connect with people and share what I learnt forward. I really draw from every single inch of my life experience, and what I did to get to this position, and use my battle scars and my triumphs to show that it’s possible to create a life that is beautiful, happy and full.
There are plenty of people showing you how to make more money, run more ads, how to get more stuff in your life, but I honestly believe, hand on my heart, that everything starts with your own haven of happiness, and by being that beacon of light for people, I’ll happily own that space.
What are your clients key challenges? And Why?
The biggest challenge is that people have the belief that happiness is something that comes from outside of them. They’ll be happy when……something arrives or appears, and are disappointed when it’s shortlived. It’s also challenging to let go of thinking that happiness is something that has to be ‘worked on’, and they find it difficult to relax their hold on being busy, and allow space to be simple and joyful.
Our lives are just so busy and full, and sometimes the act of happiness becomes just another thing to do, and add to people’s workload – so they brush it aside and just go back to their safety net of busyness.
As we all know, being busy is a wonderful cloak to stay hidden under, and ignore the things that really matter and will enhance our lives, but it also is a smokescreen for not having to look deeply into what’s going on and make the changes your heart is calling for.
How does what you do benefit our viewers?
Have you ever noticed that when you feel happy and elated, that the rest of your life just seems to be so much better too? It has a wonderful, delicious flow on effect. You make decisions effortlessly, you laugh more, your relationships improve, you communicate more effectively and from a more loving and authentic space, you make better choices food wise and around your physical health which in turn makes you feel and look sexier.
There is NOTHING that happiness does NOT touch, and I have the magnificent, beautiful honour of being able to re-introduce you to your source of joy, and show you how to let it light up your whole life.
Anything exciting coming up? (workshops , event)
Workshops, both live and online are my favourite way of connecting with people. There’s nothing like being in the same room with real breathing human beings, to enhance the experience of connection, intimacy and change.
Joy School is an 8 week online experience, with live classes every week, and ‘playwork’ to do in between, all designed to having you graduate as the most joyful person you know. We play with practical tips and strategies to help you find your happy, organise your time so that you get more of what you need and want, how to eat and move so that your body sings, and how to stay happy even when life tells you otherwise.
You can find out when the next term starts here http://www.andreadix.com.au/joy-school/
I have also just finished my book, titled “Permission to Shine”, where I share the triggers, challenges, and journey of moving from feeling invisible, to allowing myself to confidently, and lovingly show the world who I am.  I’m very excited (and perhaps a tad nervous!) about launching in March, but it’s a conversation that is far more common than I initially thought, and I know it will speak to many.  My only vision for this is that it opens up the space for allowing women especially, to ‘see’ their beauty, their strengths, their vulnerabilities, and allow themselves to honour that by pulling the pin on hiding out, or playing small, and shine brightly.
 3 best tips for your audience?

  • There is no honour or valour in playing small in this world.  You were born to be amazing and incredible, and it’s your only and most important job to keep that up.
  • Joy is an inside job.  Its true origin comes from you, and isn’t dependent on what, or how much you have.
  • Happiness comes down to choice. You get to choose what you want for your life, and how you want to feel along the way.


Andrea Dix 
The Joy Coach
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