Whether it’s a long time or a short time do we do it?

We all remember that first scene in the movie Grease where Sandy and Danny were together on the beach, in love, and the reality their summer vacation was over and they had to go back to their normal lives. We all have a mini heartbreak for them and that heartbreak continues throughout the entire movie while we are yelling at the TV screen for them to get back together. Lets now head back out of the movies and back into reality now.
The holiday season is upon us and many singles will be off travelling or just catching up with friends at the many christmas functions meeting random people and enjoying a vino or two. This is the perfect scenario to meet someone new. So what do you do if someone tickles your fancy? Do we go for the fling that might only last one night or last the summer, or do we wait for the one we think we can lock down?
Here’s the deal, do what feels right. Follow that lovely intuition you have been blessed with ladies!
I do want you to remember a few things that happen however when you cut intimacy out of your life, you replace it with another thing that creates the same natural high. Some turn to drugs and alcohol, others turn to gambling or chronic shopping but most of us turn to FOOD.
It’s the silly season so I’m not going to bore you with too much information other then fast food, snacks and junk food are created with the perfect balance of salt, sugar and fat to maintain their ‘Bliss Point’, meaning it gives you an elevated mood and makes you feel satisfied. Think about it…when you take a bite into that piece of indulgent chocolate… how you close your eyes and are taken away to a heavenly place even if its for a few chews. How magnificient is it!
Well…that’s the same europhoric feeling you get when you have an orgasm! That’s right, the exact same chemical has just been released into your body however instead of you losing weight and having a natural anti-ageing experience that can come with an orgasm, you just added more fat to your hips and thighs just to get this buzzing high sensation!
That’s right, research suggests that gorging on fats and sugars causes the brain to naturally adapt this as part of the normal diet leading to addictive connections on par with addictive substances. Such that withdrawal symptoms have been found in individuals that changed from their high fat, high sugar diets.
“The human brain actively seeks to be satisfied as much as possible. This craving for instant gratification can lead to bad habits being formed and rationalised within individuals”.
This is where the term ‘comfort food’ comes into play.
So drop that chocolate or piece of cake now and go get intimate cause these are the sensations and natural chemicals it releases:

  • Flirting: Releases Testosterone and Oestrogen fuelling your sex drive, repair/renewing cells in your body and assists with ageing.
  • Being attracted to someone: Increases your Adrenaline making you feel buzzed and exhilarated.
  • Desiring someone: Actively releases Dopamine, providing an overwhelming feeling of bliss and intense rush of pleasure.
  • Touch: People who cuddle for min. 20 seconds deal with stress better and have lower blood pressure. This Oxytocin chemical when released during orgasm also deepens a couples bond.
  • Falling in love: The release of Serotonin has anti-depressant qualities and is one of the most important hormones involved in experiencing deep, emotional satisfaction and pleasure.
  • Intimacy: Vasopressin is released after sex and helps create long-term commitment. Also nicknamed the ‘protection drug’.
  • Orgasms: Not only good for your immune system, is assists with anti ageing, pain relief and stress with to the release of Endorphins.

Make yourself more available to experiencing sexual pleasure so you feel less inclined to replace those same missing hormones with food, thus keeping you from gaining weight and ruining that summer body.
So let me make this clear, a bit of summer lovin will raise your sense of happiness and help you shed those extra winter kilos and once your back on the horse….who knows what will happen.