Yes! There you have it. I have said what sooo many think about this day. It just lain Fucking sucks!! We have reached that time of the year again where the media goes crazy and tells you HOW to celebrate LOVE!
Well this year I am writing this article for all those who reach this day with trepidation…every bloody year.
Would you like to change this feeling?
Reality is we all fit into one of these categories

  1. Super Excited and just imagining all the things your partner might do for you and planning away yourself on what to get them
  2. Already Disappointed as your partner doesn’t believe in being told when to express they love you and you get jack shit on toast, provide your own shit & bread!
  3. Single and working out how to strategically stay indoors that night to avoid all the loved up couples who remind you…your single!
  4. Defiant that even though you are single you won’t let it get you down and are organising a booha with your girlfriends to celebrate your singledomness with female power
  5. Pissed Off because how can the price of flowers go up 400% for one single day of the year
  6. Fucking Depressed because out of the blue (well in your eyes anyway) you just got DUMPED!!!! Can you believe it!

“Here is reality people, literally just pre-Christmas and pre-Valentine’s is the highest number of breakups for the entire year!”

That’s right, statistics have shown around the ‘silly seasons’ people re-evaluate their relationships and ask themselves “Do I want to fake this anymore?”

I mean, look at the bloody cost involved between mid December and mid February! This ‘faking it’ for someone who seriously doesn’t float your boat, becomes an expensive hobby if you are just hanging in there for the sake of being able to say you are with someone.

If you made it through Christmas then New Years is the day that people kick into their life contemplation with such conviction (that doesn’t last more then a few months into the New Year if we are to be honest with ourselves) that they make big decisions with fingers crossed behind their backs hoping this next year will look better then the last one. So dumping you might just have to fit into that agenda!

For those of you thinking its just the men doing this obligatory ‘dumping’ to save a few bucks…you have it wrong!

Did you know there is even a website called where women put up posts and discuss their dating dilemmas to reach their dump decision.
No matter whether you break up because something is not being fulfilled or you both are not travelling in the same direction with your views and visions…Valentine’s Day simply fucking sucks!!!
Florists, Hallmark and Restaurants need to be shot for their extremely inflated costs and the Media needs to stop making a large portion of the population feel unworthy because they cannot celebrate a pocksie day on the annual calendar.
So for those of you wondering what to do this Valentine’s Day I’d suggest heading to the beach with a bottle of your favourite, maybe grab a friend or two (definitely from both sexes), grab a bunch of rocks and stand there and start throwing them one at a time into the ocean screaming your statement of choice to release how YOU feel about this day. Here are some examples:
I RELEASE how fucking unworthy I feel because I am not being spoilt today

I RELEASE how bullshit this day is because it expects me to spend a fucking fortune to express love

I RELEASE that my partner refuses to celebrate this day every year as they don’t want to be told when to express they love me and I sooo want to celebrate it just once

I RELEASE that people post all day their gifts on Facebook and it makes me want to vomit in my hand


I think you get the drift 😉

After each sentence you throw the rock into the ocean (or backyard or wherever you are) and then fucking scream aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh. This releases the negative energy out of your nervous system. Keep doing this until you start to feel lighter. You will definitely get to a stage of laughing. Finish it off with a bubbly drink to celebrate.

Why celebrate?

Because next year Valentine’s Day won’t bother you at all!!

melina Melina Macdonald Intimacy & Adult Product Lifestyle Educator, Author, Speaker Dating & Sex, Love & Intimacy Expert

With a focus message of intimacy, communication, trust and respect, Melina created this business with the goal to enhance relationships and lower the divorce rate for years to come. A Her becoming single a Her 11 years of marriage Melina decided she wanted to get her own inner sparkle back. Her journey started into the world of self-discovery and adult products and was mortified at the misinformation and sleaziness of the adult industry. Breaking all the rules in the industry by putting a face to the company Melina is now the leading Intimate Lifestyle Educator in Australia today speaking as a guest speaker at various women’s events.
Melina has created Australia’s first complete boxset of ‘Intimacy’ products providing a full sensory experience. To complete the experience, Taboo Intimacy assists you with scenarios, education and play cards to keep the joy happening.
Melina operates the front end of the business direct to the public and has recently opened a new Wholesale division with her own branding of Intimacy products for Hotel Minibars.
Melina also runs workshops and online program to educate women on the topics of love, sex, relationship & intimacy. Melina is author of the soon to be released book “Win the Dating Game”. She has authored the More Romance = New Profit book targeted at her Taboo Intimacy Wholesalers available for free download on her website.

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