1. Vaginal muscles can be extremely powerful. It was noted that a Russian woman could lift up to 31pounds with just the vaginal muscles
  2. An orgasm is an excellent pain reliever and stronger then some over the counter medications so you cant use the ‘I have a headache excuse anymore!
  3. The vagina is designed to self clean after sex and periods so douching are not necessary
  4. It’s not all about the g-spot. The a-spot is just as sensitive and can give just as intense orgasms
  5. You are what you eat. Food affects how you taste and smell Onions and cabbage- yuk  Fruit and pineapple- good
  6. The vagina can actually fall out or protrude or prolapse. Normally after childbirth, hysterectomies or for no reason at all so it is important to strengthen your PC or kegel muscles
  7. Female ejaculation does exist. Its is not urine
  8. The vagina can double in length when it is aroused. 3-4 inch normal aroused 6-8inches long
  9. Having sex can keep your vagina young and healthy. It is important that these muscles are exercised
  10. Vaginal secretions contain the same component as shark livers. Squalling is found in both shark liver and vaginal secretions and in vegetable oil and some cosmetics. Keeps your vaginal tissues moist and healthy

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With a focus message of intimacy, communication, trust and respect, Melina created this business with the goal to enhance relationships and lower the divorce rate for years to come. A Her becoming single a Her 11 years of marriage Melina decided she wanted to get her own inner sparkle back. Her journey started into the world of self-discovery and adult products and was mortified at the misinformation and sleaziness of the adult industry. Breaking all the rules in the industry by putting a face to the company Melina is now the leading Intimate Lifestyle Educator in Australia today speaking as a guest speaker at various women’s events.
Melina has created Australia’s first complete boxset of ‘Intimacy’ products providing a full sensory experience. To complete the experience, Taboo Intimacy assists you with scenarios, education and play cards to keep the joy happening.
Melina operates the front end of the business direct to the public and has recently opened a new Wholesale division with her own branding of Intimacy products for Hotel Minibars.
Melina also runs workshops and online program to educate women on the topics of love, sex, relationship & intimacy. Melina is author of the soon to be released book “Win the Dating Game”. She has authored the More Romance = New Profit book targeted at her Taboo Intimacy Wholesalers available for free download on her website.
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