As we reach Orgasm Day celebrated on the 31st July I reflected on the number of studies proving the physical, emotional, physiological and even societal benefits of sex and orgasms which just keep on growing.
Nowadays it’s no secret that sex is an affective calorie burner or that orgasms can do wonders for your health. But when it comes to more in-depth orgasmic inquiries, it’s easy to get caught up in fictitious facts and figures.
Realizing this, we’re here to help you better know your ‘O’ by once and for all separating orgasm fact from orgasm fiction with 10 orgasm facts and myths.

MYTH: Aging reduces your chance of having an orgasm.

Due to built up trust, confidence, comfort and intimacy with a long-term partner, women actually experience better orgasms with age. In a recent survey, 70% of women in their 50s claimed that they had an orgasm the last time they had sex.  In addition, the older you are, the more familiar you will be with your body’s actions, reactions and pleasure points.
**I believe your best sex starts in your 40’s so giddy-up!

FACT: Difficulty reaching orgasm is a common issue.

Don’t let the media fool you. One-third of women experience difficulty achieving orgasm during sex, and a whopping 80% of women have difficulty reaching orgasm solely through vaginal intercourse. Quite unlike the seemingly nearly 100% success-rate of their male counterparts. Women have to experiment and discover the rhythm and pressure combinations that their bodies most pleasurably respond to which will increase their success.
**The trick to your world of variety in orgasms in SURRENDER. It’s as simple as that. To surrender is normally connected to the word ‘Vulnerability’. When you surrender you own your vulnerability it no longer exists. Trust me your world will change.

MYTH: Your inability to orgasm is your partner’s problem, not yours.

While of course your partner’s performance plays a role, remember that like any relationship challenge, this, too, comes with shared responsibility. To improve your partner’s O-potential and increase shared pleasure, try physically, instead of metaphorically, pointing your finger, and become his guide, informing him of the three P’s of pleasure—pressure, pace and place.
**Ladies EVERY vagina is different!! So if you think he knows all your hot spots and buttons your dreaming. Reality is if you don’t know where they are how is he? So start touching yourself today!

MYTH: Experiencing multiple orgasms is extremely rare.

While simultaneous orgasms (experiencing orgasm at the same exact time as your partner and really helpful whilst trying to get pregnant) are indeed rare, over half of women can experience multiple orgasms—orgasms that consecutively “roll” into one another, each usually more pleasurable than the next. This feat; however, is mostly achieved by women in their 40s to 60s, due to the fact that they tend to be more relaxed during lovemaking.
**Take me from me ladies…very common in 40’s I must say!

FACT: You’re more likely to orgasm with a long-term partner.

While you may think that things with a long-term partner tend to grow icier rather than spicier with time, as far as orgasms go—the opposite is true. Women are less self-conscious, more relaxed and overall more comfortable with someone who knows them inside and out. Studies have shown that, raising your sexual self-esteem is a surefire way to help pave a pleasurable path from you to ‘O.’
**However what is also true however is you may be more likely to try something new with a stranger due to the fear of rejection from your long-term partner.

MYTH: Condoms make it more difficult for women to achieve orgasm.

While condoms might deprive a man of experiencing maximum sexual pleasure, there is no evidence to support that condoms prevent or extend the time it takes for a woman to orgasm. In fact, condoms can provide much-needed lubrication, and the fact that some men last significantly longer while wearing condoms could actually give you those precious extra minutes you need to achieve climax.
**Adding more lubricant can feel even better for your lady, but just make sure it’s Water Based as silicone lubricant will break down the latex on your condoms.Silicone lubricant=sex. Water Based=condoms & sex toys

FACT: Women can have orgasms without any physical stimulation.

An extra genital orgasm is an orgasm brought upon by no physical contact with the body. These orgasms, although rare, could be brought about by fantasizing or while doing normal daily tasks however more commonly with those women who are extremely connected to their body on all levels and Kundalini energy. I’ve witnessed this at many an event where you hear the moans in the room and the women is in the throws of an orgasm and her body is hands free!
**Before you wish for spontaneous ‘O’s’ be careful what you wish for: select women are constantly inconvenienced by hundreds of unprompted, spontaneous orgasms every day.

FACT: Eating certain foods can boost your orgasm odds.

While we often associate testosterone with men, it’s actually the hormone which controls sexual desire in women. Foods low in carbohydrates and high in protein:  dairy, eggs, poultry and select meat and fish for example, work to raise free testosterone. Among other libido-boosting foods, small amounts of dark chocolate can trigger releases of dopamine—a monoamine neurotransmitter which allows humans to experience sexual pleasure.
***Note that food with the perfect ‘Bliss Point’ which contains salt, sugar and fat, and for many becomes your replacement for sex. Sex and food are closely combined so have a good look at which you indulge in more and if your getting off on your food all the time switch it off and just go get off 😉

MYTH: You’ll always know an orgasm by its sound.

Not everyone gets all When Harry Met Sally when they reach climax. Of course orgasms can be loud, but every orgasm is different, and their intensity cannot be measured in decibels. While the media has led many to falsely believe that they’ll know a “real orgasm” by its sound, anyone who has experienced a true orgasm knows that the experience can hardly be put into words, let alone sounds.
**For all the boys reading scratching your head still now confused on whether you’re a star in the bedroom or not from all the screaming accolades you’ve received, it’s a pulsing sensation you feel that will strangle your cock or finger most of time not the oooo’s and aaaa’s. That’s the faking porn star behavior that young women need to stop doing!

MYTH: No orgasm means bad sex.

It’s wise not to reduce things as natural and beautiful as sex as a means to an end. In fact, if you look back on your most pleasurable sessions of sensuality, they’re most likely ones that involved a considerable amount of toe-curling, tension-building foreplay—a mini, longer-lasting orgasmic experience in itself.
***Try this: I always say just go back to pre-sex days and remember to bask in the journey not destination—it’s meant to be enjoyed every step of the way.
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