When I was asked to write a piece on How to Worship Your Man, my first thought was, do women really need to know this? Do they need or even want to be told how they need to worship their man?
Do we really need to worship someone? Right now the whole world is in transition. Everything we’ve known is being challenged. Everyone is in flux, uncertain of saying anything or acting in established ways because it may be challenged.
None of us seem to know how to please our partners.
So, How Do You Worship Your Man….? My answer is you don’t!
Real men are secure of their self-esteem, confident of their masculinity and assertive in their leadership. They don’t require their partner to worship them and most of them would feel embarrassed if they were.
But all men (and women) have core needs that must be met. One of those is the need for Significance. For men, it is probably the strongest core need and what drives them create and procreate.
Significance is the fuel of ambition, dedication, achievement, and legacy. Over the years great deeds have been accomplished by great men in order to fuel their need for significance. It has kept hundreds of painters in work painting portraits, sculptors creating busts for posterity, authors writing biographies. Great men and ordinary men crave significance and at base level, they crave it from the women in their lives. Their mothers, lovers, and wives.
“Behind every successful man stands a strong woman urging him on”
There is a well know amusing tale that has been doing the rounds for quite a long time and it goes like this…
The POTUS (take your pick of one in that past 50 years) took the First Lady out to dinner. At the restaurant, she went up to a man and gave him a hug. After they finished talking, she got back to their table and sat next to her husband. The President asked her, “Who was that?” She responded, “A high school boyfriend and the owner of this restaurant.”
To which he replied, “You mean to tell me, that you left me here on my own just to go talk to him? You are married to the President of the United States! If you had married him, you’d just be the wife of a restaurant owner.”
She responded: “Honey if I had married him, he would be the President of the United States.”
All men crave significance but not all men aspire to great deeds and a place in history. Most are happy to establish a comfortable home for their family and provide security for their life together. They are driven by this and they can pursue it to their detriment.
When they don’t feel appreciated or significant in their efforts they whiter and eventually fall apart. This applies just as well for those in new relationships. When men feel insignificant in their partner’s eyes they will respond to those who feed their need.
So, in times like these, for me, there is one solution I know works…
Got back to fundamentals.
– Love
– Humility
– Respect
– Courtesy
– Manners
– Empathy
– Sympathy
– Leadership
Men… always display Adoration for your woman. Show her she is special to you. Listen even when you don’t feel like it. Respect her for who she is… your partner, friend, lover.
Women… constantly show Admiration for your man. Show him that he is special. Be proud of his achievements and stand by him when he is challenged… he is your partner, friend, lover.
Learning your partners Love Language and teaching him yours and applying it at all times will make it that much easier.

John C. Cirak is a relationship and dating coach for those who are 45 Plus and Single Again.
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