Recently we put out a post on various platforms and performed a poll to get results on this topic. I’m not going to bore you with some mumbo jumbo bullshit, instead I’m going to get straight to the nuts and bolts of this topic (pun intended) and clear up the answers that came in from both sexes on what we discovered to be quite a sensitive topic.
100% of men polled have stated NO!!!!
If they don’t want to have sex/intimacy with you the reality is “He is just not that into you!”
Ok so we have cleared up the men’s reaction to this topic so lets get into the women’s responses.
Oh sorry…that was too brief for you. OK let me elaborate. Without sex/intimacy the relationship either ends or morphs into something else i.e. Platonic relationship (can we insert a snoring emoji here as I can tell you right now I have enough friends! I will dig slightly deeper into the men psyche on this one later however we need to see the women’s first.)
Here is how the women tackled this one. They dissected the living shit out of EVERY word in this simple sentence. I find the woman’s brain, the emotional feeling brain, fascinating on how we can, when triggered (oh yes…the one’s who were severely triggered went to town in a hostile tone. By the way we know you are definitely NOT having any sex/intimacy with your partner), can find ways to rip a sentence with 7 simple words apart to then find a string of answers that did not include a simple Yes or No (Oh we are complicated creatures ladies!)
So let me start with the dictionary term. Now each one had numerous explanations on each word, however each one had 1 simple answer that referred to the question put forward and it seems to be the female race glossed over each dictionary explanation and went for their own version (based on the topic at hand).


relationships (plural noun)
the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected:

  • an emotional and sexual association between two people
  • a romantic or passionate attachment
  •  An emotional and sexual association between two people.

Ummmm, pretty simple to me however here is the responses when it came to the trigger word ‘relationship’.




  • (Chiefly with reference to people) sexual activity, including specifically sexual intercourse:
  • the activity in which people kiss and touch each other’s sexual organs, which may also include sexual intercourse
  • all of the feelings resulting from the urge to gratify sexual impulses

“He enjoyed talking about sex” ·

synonyms: sexual intercourse · intercourse · lovemaking ·


Arouse or attempt to arouse someone sexually.




  • euphemistic
  • sexual intercourse.
  • the state of being intimate.

synonyms: sexual relations · sexual intercourse · sex · intercourse · lovemaking · act of love · carnal knowledge 


Here is the reality ladies, we have the longest (trust me its ridiculously long) list of excuses that come with the simple sentence we put forward to you “Can a relationship survive without sex/intimacy”
“If there is no sex/intimacy in a relationship it is NOT a relationship it is a friendship”
 It canNOT survive
It canNOTthrive
Personally I believe there is nothing worse then longing for someone who doesn’t want you back. If he is not trying to get you gear off then he is Just Not That Into You anymore. If a man is not trying to undress you he is not into you.
If your not trying to get his gear off you need to back the fuck up and have a good honest no bullshit look at why?
Life is too short to spend it with someone whom you can’t wait to be around. Remember, once upon a time your were like two bunnies and now…
 Life, Love, Sex, Intimacy and Relationships is all a process with ups and downs. We are all on earth to have relationships and through these…experiences. It is an awesome gift and worth giving it you’re all. Love is a Verb not a noun. It is by your actions not your words so if you say you truly love him ladies go show him. If you are withholding sex you are doing this to gain power and the sad truth is you will be loser in the long-term.
Men need sex to connect. It is their intimacy. It is their love drug. So when you take it away for whatever reason (and if it is a medical one or post baby just make sure he knows your coming back) he will feel punished and it will slowly destroy your ‘relationship’.
So on a parting note, for those who still believe your relationship can survive without sex/intimacy…get a puppy!!
Melina Macdonald
Intimacy & Adult Product Lifestyle Educator, Author, Speaker Dating & Sex, Love & Intimacy Expert