Fuck you motherhood, you can kiss my ass.
Every time I try to win, I always come in last.

Fuck you dishes, for piling up again.
I’m over cooking food, cause I don’t want to be your friend.

Fuck you vacuum cleaner, you do a shitty job.
If only I didn’t need you, a brick at you I’d lob.

Fuck you toys, scattered across the floor.
I swear to fucking god, I’d love to throw you out the door.

Fuck you washing machine, break down as winter comes.
If you were a person, straight at you I would lunge.

Fuck you cooking, I hate you, I confess.
Take outs’ so much easier and doesn’t leave a mess.

Fuck you piles of washing, dunes across my floor.
How many bloody times do I have to do you more and more.

Fuck you kids for pissing in the bed. WTF you serious?!?!
Where I lay my head.

Fuck you baby, needing me 24/7.
I feel so fucking stifled, I just want to go to heaven.

Fuck you TV, your toxic evil way. Bloody kids ask for you each and every day.

Fuck you sugar, for revving up my kids. OMFG they both just flipped their lids.

Fuck you lack of sleep, you’re giving me the shits.
Only getting here and there, sleeping little bits.

Fuck you privacy, who the fuck needs you.
Pft I’m sure everyone else likes the company sitting on the loo.

Fuck you cleaning, I’ve finally had enough.
Your mundane repetitive bullshit is calling my frazzled bluff.

Fuck you addiction, for the too easy escapes. Your chasm of a void, to slyly catch me waits.

Fuck you life for being so damn hard. Turning straight to food, yay to the layer of lard.

Fuck you motherhood, for ruining all my fun.
If it wasn’t for the bloody kids, you and I would be done.


Giulia Coletti, is a local mum in Sydney who has changed her life completely to break the cycle of conditioning that was passed down from her parents to her, and she was passing on to her children. All parents have a moral obligation to become aware of the patterns they are passing down to their children and she invites them all to look hard at the behaviour in their children that challenges them and turn inward to become the model of excellence that they need to be so their children have a better chance of success in life. https://www.facebook.com/Giulia.Sparkle