I can’t believe how we accept feeling like shit most of the time! Seriously we don’t even realise how good we are supposed to feel until we start truly giving our body what it needs! I used to be like this! It probably didn’t help that I thought there was not much difference between an apple and a cheeseburger. I mean if it was food, and I could eat it… that’s all that mattered!!
Unfortunately for me it took a very unpleasant and horrible experience to  change the way I looked at food and also what I was giving my body. The day I was in hospital with my mum, having never been there with her before… I saw a terrified look in her eyes.
That was the day we found out she had a tumour and had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. For someone who considered themselves a positive person, I was knocked off my path completely. I felt lost, scared and hopeless. I was so uncertain about my mother’s future, but at the same time I was curious – why was this happening?!
The more I started researching, the more I started realising how backwards we were heading! While there was such a rapid advancement in technology, I saw how some key fundamentals of living a good life had been mostly forgotten in this modern age.
The biggest reason being so backwards is because of how fast paced our lives have become; everyone trying to keep up with the economy and there is very little time. This is why fast food has grown and eating healthy has taken a back seat.
Regardless of how bad it may seem, there are definitely many people already waking up to what’s happening, making changes and helping others see what the possible solutions are. That’s why I love what I do… the people I work with are extremely passionate about providing convenient solutions to get people back on track with their health.
There may be a lot of focus on weight loss and fitness in society, but the number 1 focus should be on digestive health. Our digestive system is the gateway to the rest of our body and if it’s not functioning properly, we won’t be achieving many of the health goals we’re aiming for.
This is why daily cleansing is so important. We’re putting such a toxic load on our body every day with all the chemicals in the food we eat and skincare and cleaning products we use, yet we only look at cleansing once in a while. It should be a daily activity and that’s why finding a convenient way is very important.
Our main focus is to help people improve their digestive health through plant based supplements such as enzymes, probiotics and other products, and also replace a major part of the toxic chemical load on their body by using organic essential oils. Once we start giving our body what it actually needs to thrive, and filling in the missing gaps of what we’re not getting from our food, we start realising how crazy we have been to accept feeling so crap for so long!

19369832_10155174759907254_1919152881_nMilos and his partner Vicki are two young entrepreneurs who are very driven in spreading the message of good health because of circumstances in the family that had affected them. They work with a team of experts including doctors, naturopaths, scientists and researchers who have over 100 years of experience in the health industry put together and their mission is to bring this knowledge to the public so people can understand why digestive health is so important and what steps to take to give their bodies what they need in order to function at their best. www.essentialoilsguide.com.au

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