Maintaining Your Post-Menopause Sexuality

By Lelo

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 10.39.16 PMHot flashes, mood swings and intermittent insomnia are symptoms of menopause that every woman is aware of, even if they aren’t at menopausal age yet. But what many aren’t familiar with is the ways menopause affects us that we’re perhaps less than comfortable discussing.
Facing Up to Menopause
You see, the decrease in your body’s estrogen and the weakening of your pelvic muscles that occurs during this time leads to some intimate issues like mild incontinence when you laugh, vaginal dryness that itches throughout the day, and awkward, uncomfortable moments during intercourse.
It all sounds quite depressing – but it doesn’t have to be.
The Importance of Intimate Exercise
A number of menopausal symptoms can be lessened with a bit of preparation with pelvic floor exercising. Pelvic floor exercises, or ‘Kegels’, are the solution that everyone’s talking about, and are recommended by doctors to help you;
Strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor
Increase your sensations and enjoyment from intercourse
Help prevent and control incontinence

Kegel exercising is considered by many as being vital to intimate health, but many women have trouble following the correct exercise routine based on written instructions alone. This can often result in a lot of effort being spent on strengthening the incorrect muscles.
LUNA Beads™: A Simple – and Simply Effective – Solution 
Ben Wa balls – used primarily for pleasure for thousands of years, are now the widely-recommended solution for easier and more effective pelvic floor exercising. Ensuring that women can choose the best possible items for such an intimate purpose, LELO offers the LUNA Beads™ pelvic fitness solution, the trusted bestseller among Kegel weights since 2009.
The secret is to wear the weighted LUNA Beads™ during your daily routine to give you a static device to squeeze your muscles around, while the beads within LUNA cause movements to help you feel when your muscles respond.
LUNA Beads™ makes pelvic floor exercising safe, easy and efficient, with benefits that speak for themselves.