What if manifestation isn’t an active process of creation, but rather a process of aligning you to your highest creative path.

For the past 6 months, this idea has been floating around in my consciousness – inviting me to explore this concept more.
Then suddenly, in a wonderfully synchronistic moment, I found myself drawn to watch a video on the Law of Attraction by Matt Kahn. Matt articulated everything that has been swirling around in my mind, which gave rise to an exciting new perspective.
What if manifestation is the pathway in which you energetically align to a life path or goal that has already been set into motion by your Soul that is communicated to you through the voice of your intuition?
One of the insights that I have noticed over the past year and a half is how the things in my life that I have consciously manifested – have literally come into my mind through the voice of my intuition, or through a vibrant idea that has rapidly been delivered into my being.
The interesting thing is that with each experience, the idea or intuitive hit came fully formed into my body – I didn’t have to do a thing, just listen and act accordingly when prompted or guided to.
This is the same thing for you gorgeous one – your journey does not concern yourself with doing all the things that you think you need to do in order to bring in your desired goal, vision or dream.
Your journey is to be in the world, doing the things that bring your heart joy, whilst remaining in a state of receptivity for Spirit, or your intuition to communicate to you through.
Your Soul or Higher Self is working tirelessly ‘behind the scenes’ to align you to your highest path available. All that is lovingly invited of you, is for you to be as open as possible to all the signs, patterns or reoccurring symbols that you continually receive that repetitiously show up in your reality. These signs or patterns, are all powerful communications from your Higher Self/Soul, to lead and guide you along your path.
Then when the time is right, and your Soul has completed the vast degree of preliminary ‘work’, it will communicate to you through the medium of your mind, intuition, or through your environment – to give you an inspired idea or goal for you to aspire to.
Once that inspired idea has hit you, your role is to anchor the energy into your mind, body and spirit by acting upon inspired ideas that support your mind to a wash with this wonderful and exciting new idea.
The fastest way to anchor this new idea into your reality is to act as if your desired out some has already occurred. As the saying goes:

Be, Do & Have…
By acting as if you already have your desired goal or outcome, you literally send an energetic impulse out into the Universe causing the Universe to respond to this energy of having, by giving you the experience of physically experiencing it.

The more you be abundant, by doing abundant things, the more you experience yourself having abundance. This is the fastest way to manifest what your Soul is guiding you to bring into your life, through your inspired ideas.
Kristen Date Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive Healer. Teacher and Writer www.experiencetheserenity.com.au