Would you like to know one little change you can make to dramatically increase your manifesting power?
Whether you’re looking to manifest more love, more financial abundance, more freedom, more opportunities, there is one simple thing you can start doing today to attract these things into your life.
In this email I’m sharing with you a simple exercise you can practice daily to increase your manifesting power.

It’s all about raising your vibration

The higher your vibration, the more you attract the abundance that you seek. Whether it’s love, money, experience. Whatever abundance looks like to you.
There are two states of being:

  • Love (EXPANSION)
  • Fear (Contraction)

If you’re in contraction, if you’re in fear, your vibration is lowered and you’re not in a state where you can manifest abundance.
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So here’s what you do to start to retrain yourself, to step into your own manifesting power.
Say you’re sitting in a car.
And you’re running late.
The traffic is shit. You’re getting every red light.
At that moment it’s easy for us to be dragged down into negativity. To feel anger, resentment, frustration. Those are normal feelings, but they’re lowering your vibration.
In that moment, you have a choice. You can stay in the negativity. Or, you can choose to become the observer. You can observe your thoughts and feelings.
Take a deep breath. This will create an instantaneous shift. And in that shift, you can raise your vibration by practicing gratitude.

Choose to be grateful for one thing. 

It could be the sun shining. Or the beautiful beads of rain on your window. The time you have now to practice being grateful! It could be any little thing.
These moments of frustration, of negativity, of inconvenience are the perfect place to practice catching yourself and raising your vibration.
The moment you focus on the ‘gift’ that is the present moment and anything in it that you can be grateful for, no matter how seemingly small… you will see the world shift.
You might even say something like, “I choose to accept my reality and be grateful for all that I am in this moment.”
That is manifesting energy.

How to raise your vibration every single day

Journal once or twice a day about three things that you’re grateful for.
They don’t have to be big, they can be small. E.g. “I am grateful for my hands that do so much”. “I am grateful for my comfy bed” or “Watching my kids play in the sunshine”.
This is the type of energy that the universe responds to. Creating abundance from abundance.
That is how you increase your manifesting power.
Here’s to your journey,


13620906_1814725972090522_1731954405560297391_n-400x644 Soul Sister Ella Hall is a Manifesting Powerhouse and Tantric Goddess. She specialises in Orgasmic States, Quantum Manifestation, Sovereignty Alignment and the power of Governing Energetics to discover your inner ability to unlock Quantum Creation – on high – at every level – in every way.
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