There are soo many brands on the market that we really are not too sure which one to get, what size when it comes to condoms, why we need them and what benefit we get from lubricants.

So here are my quick tips and hints:


Lots of condoms

Lots of condoms

When it comes to condoms here’s the deal, most of us hate them but the reality of not using them creates;

  • unwanted pregnancies
  • unwanted STI’s
  1. Condom brand – there are the leaders on the market that dominate the supermarket shelves such as Ansell and Durex but did you know we have Australian brands like Four Seasons who have the exclusive Duo Sachet (sold by Taboo Intimacy in discreet carry tins) being a condom and matching lubricant for convenience or Hero who has an initiative that when you buy one condom they donate one to Africa? Its important to keep trying a brand that suits you and ladies,YES, carry your own.
  2. Allergies – if you have an allergy to latex, which many of us do, I suggest you try Ansell SKYN. I have found this brand to not only remove most of the irritation (as there is really only 1 brand at $6 per condom that is latex free and safely tested to use) but most men find the normal complaints of it being too tight or uncomfortable are no longer there.
  3. Size – size does matter. So gentlemen, stop going for the magnum size if your not hung like a real donkey! If you wear the wrong size it will tend to have a slippage issue and come off thus being rendered…useless. Majority of Australian men are in the ‘regular’ size range with only a small part of the population needing ‘large’. Remember that even a regular condom can fit over the size of your forearm men so stop with the “it’s too tight I can’t cum” complaints as its really only in your head.

Enjoy this quick video showing how a condom is made



What I would have done for a drop of lube in my 30’s!!
When you have the mentality that anything connected to the taboo topic of sex is bad then lube falls into this category. However that to our ever changing hormones that comes with age for us women, lubricant in your draw of tricks is a MUST! At different ages our natural lubrication doesn’t quite work the way we want it and lube takes away the sometimes uncomfortable and excruciating pain that can come with sex. If you get a great brand you can use it for more then one purpose of sex, you can also use it as a great massage oil and a nourishing body moisturiser.
Remember these rules and you can’t go wrong:
Silicone is for Bareback Play      Waterbased is for toys, condoms

  1. Lubricant brands- I’m sorry to tell you all but most lubricants on the market are…shite! They have soo many fillers in them and chemicals that ladies if you have been experiencing repeated thrush or vaginal infections your lube is probably the culprit. Personally if I can get it in the local supermarket I wouldn’t buy it. The best and purest brands are available are from adult retail stores such as: Pjur, Wicked, Uberlube
  2. Lubricant to match my condom – lubricants tend to break down the component of a condom and toys, especially those that are of poorer quality. If I am using a toy or condom I always use a high-grade waterbased lubricant. Silicone is more for bareback play and again if a cheap brand with damage the condom and remove its ‘safety’ factor. Yes you can use a high-grade silicone based lube with a condom however as most people don’t know those brands I suggest play with the rules.
  3. Allergies– I know many of you have allergies or sensitive skin. The purer the lube the less chance you have of it being a problem however when in doubt use a quality coconut oil

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