Ok so you believe you can’t afford a girlfriend right?
Monies been tight lately, I mean you’ve only just survived through Xmas and New Years or like many, recently lost your job (why does that always happen right before what’s supposed to be the happiest time of the year??!!) however you still like many are looking for love but don’t want her to think your a loser.
Let’s be honest, the right woman would never think your a loser however we thought we would assist you with 10 free date ideas that cost you nothing and none of them are Netflix and chill (cause that is NOT a date you should be doing till way into the relationship people’s).
So here is my pick working backwards;
1.It’s art and culture time
Most local art Centers and museums are free so why not try a date that’s walking, talking and learning. Perfect for the ultimate culture buff.
2.Trivia night
Find your local pub who holds a trivia night and team up to test your skills. Its a good laugh and you can test your level of random knowledge.
3.Music Man
If your a music man definitely pulling out the instrument and playing her tune will be memorable! What woman doesn’t want to be serenaded to??!! Sexy as! If music isn’t your forte then I suggest finding a local gig that’s on (steer clear from heavy metal unless that’s her jive) and enjoy the silent bonding 😉
4.Wine Tour
Gone are the days where every winery offered free taste testing however they still exist so make sure you check google out first and enjoy the drive together and try not to get smashed as someone has to get you guys home and if that’s her…there won’t be a second date! Lol
5.Ultimate first date
You’ve probably never thought about it but a walking date is the ultimate ice breaker. You don’t have to look directly at each other at any time and it’s the best way to get to know each other (walking is also the best way to have those “we have to talk” talks as it reduces the tension.
Get to know each other and exercise at the same time!
6.Tree hugging
If your woman is a nature lover jump in the car and head bush for some good old fashioned hiking. Fresh air and nature is one of the fastest ways to get your woman to click into her feminine energy. When you have a steep step you can always give her a helping hand and have an opportunity to show her that masculine energy of looking after her she deeply so desires.
7. Masterchef her into bliss
With all these reality shows on TV why not whip out your best recipe and cook for her? Even if that means that your a master BBQ man the fact that your cooking for her is…super sexy!!! You dot need to go over the top at all however some background music and maybe one candle lit will do the trick. My one suggestion here is ask if she is allergic to anything and eats meat before you get started otherwise this may end up as a night getting to know each other in the emergency room! Now that would be a story to tell the grand kids.
8. Summer Beach time
What girl doesn’t want to be asked to hang together at the beach?
You both have to eat anyway so why not pack a picnic (yes you can pack it in one of those freezer supermarket bags) grab some towels and head down the beach for some fun and frolicking in the sun. Whether this is during the day or at sunset (super romantic) only a woman who is super paranoid with her body would say no. No beach in your area? Try doing this by the pool.
9. Star gazing
Every time I look up to the stars I think of the man that would take me star gazing at night at the beach or we would head out of the city where the sky would just light up! Maybe going bush wouldn’t be my suggestion for your first date (as she might think she’s never coming back!) however this style date is definately memorable for those who love to dream of other worlds.
10. The lounge room jiggy
Hands down my favourite dates have been when the wine and cheese was out, the tunes went on and we danced all night in my lounge room. We are not talking the slow dancing only, I’m talking about rocking it out like it was our own private disco! The two fastest ways to get a woman into her feminine energy which allows her to surrender is nature and dance. All women dream of that man who dances with her around the house so men if you want to see her at her best this is the hidden secret!
melina Melina Macdonald
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With a focus message of intimacy, communication, trust and respect, Melina created this business with the goal to enhance relationships and lower the divorce rate for years to come. A Her becoming single a Her 11 years of marriage Melina decided she wanted to get her own inner sparkle back. Her journey started into the world of self-discovery and adult products and was mortified at the misinformation and sleaziness of the adult industry. Breaking all the rules in the industry by putting a face to the company Melina is now the leading Intimate Lifestyle Educator in Australia today speaking as a guest speaker at various women’s events.
Melina has created Australia’s first complete boxset of ‘Intimacy’ products providing a full sensory experience. To complete the experience, Taboo Intimacy assists you with scenarios, education and play cards to keep the joy happening.
Melina operates the front end of the business direct to the public and has recently opened a new Wholesale division with her own branding of Intimacy products for Hotel Minibars.
Melina also runs workshops and online program to educate women on the topics of love, sex, relationship & intimacy. Melina is author of the soon to be released book “Win the Dating Game”. She has authored the More Romance = New Profit book targeted at her Taboo Intimacy Wholesalers available for free download on her website.
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