4 Tips to have a great Date

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 “Remember, men are simple creatures, so keep your dates low-key and simple to start with, but with a bit of visual spice.”
Now I think it’s important to take a few minutes to get to know men from their point of view. So I have compiled some tips to take of note of when you’re on an actual date or conversing with a man.

  1. Never criticise, even if you believe it to be constructive — men are incapable of growth, change, or progress until they want it. When you criticise, it tends to be taken personally and in some cases, it instantly emasculates a man. This is the case when we criticise them physically, in the bedroom, and how they perform. Even when you have asked them to do a chore and they haven’t done something ‘exactly’ the way you wanted, if you voice that critically, they are more than likely to never going to help you again.
  2. Laugh at what he says, even if it’s not funny — a fake laugh is as good as a fake orgasm (not that I condone fake orgasms, but it’s better than none at all. It’s an ego thing). Don’t overdo it, however. There is a fine line to faking it. It’s important for a man to feel like he can make you smile. It instantly boosts his confidence. Don’t forget on a new date, he is probably more nervous than you the first few times.
  3. Men are visual creatures, so how you present yourself and what you wear is important. If you always dress with a formal and efficient look, it makes you come across as inaccessible and men won’t want to have sex with you. So here are a few quick wardrobe suggestions:
  • Skirts — should be short enough to see some of your thigh but not short enough to see your panties.
  • Cocktail dresses — are a yes, yes, yes.
  • Tight jeans — show the curvature of your ass and are a must, no matter what size you are.
  • Heels — elongate your legs naturally, give your calves a great shape, and are feminine.
  • Bra — needs to be fitted properly, and lace never goes amiss, but most importantly, you want your breasts to stand upright and say “hello”.
  1. Never talk about your problems, as men only pretend to care in order to get what they want. That may sound a bit harsh, but while you’re not yet in a relationship — and that means they don’t see it as serious, which is for the first four months, at least — you shouldn’t be telling them your woes anyway. Also remember that women vent. When we do this, we feel better. When we vent, we are not expecting a solution; we are just simply getting things off our chest. Men don’t understand that. They fix things. So if you vent to them, they are assuming you want them to provide a solution, even when that is not the case. So if you have any problems, talk to your girlfriends about it until he ‘asks’ you. Also, if you are doing this on a date, he will see you as high maintenance or a nag, and that’s not the impression you want to give. Men look for their women as a support, not as a splinter.

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