After time, and with our busy schedules these days, it gets hard to sometimes get in the mood.
Getting in the mood is about your mindset.
95% of it is all in our heads.
So, lets clear the heads, and give us a helping hand with some amazing FREE natural body chemical release tips.


Let’s be honest, as women we have some serious body issues. With a majority of women refusing to have sex with the lights on, we feel we need to feel good about our body image before we let anyone close.
“It doesn’t matter whether you’re a size 8 or size 22, never had a baby or had a tribe, women are image conscious”.  
I myself was not happy with the changes I had on my body in my mid 30’s and I’m a small build. I realised that unconsciously it was messing with my head and had to do something about it. Off I went to the gym to do a little Pilates and before I knew it I felt better and was happy to not only get naked in front of someone, but got upset when he turned the lights off!
The gym helps to release feel good endorphins into your system, which actually makes sex appealing all of a sudden. You start to feel better and your self-esteem increases and you start tapping into your inner sex goddess.
Now I want to state here for all those ‘lights off’ women, I read an article written by a man recently about this topic and women’s paranoia with their body image and making love. He stated,
“Men don’t care what you look like. They are just happy your letting them touch you!”


So the biggest distraction when attempting to be intimate with your partner and the biggest reason women don’t reach the Big ‘O’, is that instead of concentrating on the job on hand, you are too busy thinking about all the things you still haven’t done, all those niggling tasks and chores of the day. Tip- if your not relaxed you won’t reach orgasm.
So, get all your chores done (or make it clear to your partner that if they want some bootie time they need to help you with this list) and then sit back and relax.
Note: sex and orgasms are actually an amazing stress relief and that’s just one benefit!


What? I here you say.
A study done in the Netherlands actually proved that women having cold feet during sex could actually hinder her orgasm! By just adding socks to female subjects, orgasms increased from the original 50% to a massive 80% of subjects!
So make sure you haven’t just set the scene with a relaxing atmosphere that includes both the lighting and music (ambience) but maybe have a relaxing bath together (or shower) and slap on a pair of socks!


Now get close.
Studies have shown that holding your partner close for 30 seconds triggers the release of oxytocin, the hormone that emboldens trust and sexual desire between intimately familiar people.
Then, make sure you take a deep breath. Inhaling your partners scent usually acts as an aphrodisiac. Mmmmmmm


Now we are ready for that 5-minute deep passionate kiss.
Kissing releases adrenaline, and endorphins that are 200 times more powerful than morphine. It’s a relaxant, stress reliever, great for your general health and the ultimate way to get an awakening stir in all the right bits!


Now, if you’re still saying that hasn’t worked its time for the 10-minute rule.
Even if you’re not in the mood, give yourself 10 minutes to give intimacy a shot. That time gives your body a chance to catch up to what your mind is wanting, sex. It works!
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