Why are you passionate about your purpose/mission, business/service?
I’m passionate about helping people build better meaningful relationships.
Who can benefit from your service?
Everyone. We only do “business” with those we know, like and most importantly, trust. That is just as true with those we form social, personal and intimate relationships with.  The foundation of all interactions is dependent on the communications we employ. Being able to read people is a must if you want to be successful.
My clients include; psychologists, counsellors, teachers, parents, sales people, business executives, HR departments, couples.
What makes you/service/business unique (sets you apart from other people within your industry?
People ask what you bring to the table. I could only answer that as – “I bring the table”. My business is unique. It doesn’t compete with other businesses. Rather it compliments every other business.
In my particular field, there are very few people worldwide doing what I do.
What are your client’s key challenges?  And Why?
A lack of personal understanding and a lack of understanding others.

  • Alienated and disconnected from others
  • Meaningless communications
  • Stress and Frustration
  • Anger and resentment


  • Dysfunctional workplace relationships
  • Poor people positioning
  • Increased workplace stress
  • Reduced productivity


  • Disengaged communications
  • Poor relationships
  • Missed buying signals
  • Long sales cycles

All due to not being able to understand themselves or read other people.
How does what you do benefit our viewers?
Helps people to better understand themselves and other people, so they can enhance relationships through more meaningful communications
Anything exciting coming up?  (workshops, event)

  • Just launched Smart On-Line Dating course. A course that’s proving to be much more than a dating course. Students are getting better results in other relationships and in business as well.
  • Soon too launch more online courses for business and for parenting.

3 best tips for your audience?
If you want to have greater relationships;

  • First, understand your own personality
  • Learn to read other people and understand how they want and need to be communicated to and treated.
  • Use that information to improve your relationships


Alan Stevens
The Celebrity Profiler

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