Why are you passionate about your purpose/mission, business/service?
I am so passionate about raising awareness, all forms of alternative healing including self expression and creativity because I know first hand how incredible depressing, stressful and painful life in this world can be without a greater sense of awareness and love in your life. I also feel deeply fulfilled by dedicating my life to making other peoples lives better. I believe being of service to others is the most rewarding gift you can receive in life. All through my 20s I lived a very depressing, self destructive, drama and addiction filled life and at the best time it was a mediocre life.
I remember so vividly constantly trying to fill the void I felt within myself and always trying to find some kind of relief but always falling short.By the end of my 20s I was depleted , suicidal and dissatisfied in first career in I.T. I realised I was living a mere fraction of my potential; settling for money and security, but the security never could quite fill the void.I was a psychologically and emotionally abusive relationship for five years during this time which left me an empty shell of person. Feeling worthless and lost. I understand not that I made all of these choices unknowingly and out my own ignorance and then watched as they sucked the life force out of me, until I reached breaking point. My passion comes from having experienced the stark contrast of these experiences. And as they say experience is the best teacher.
Who can benefit from your service?
Anyone who is feeling physically or emotionally unwell or simply someone who has the awareness that they are not as happy as they know they could be but they are not sure how to get to this place in their life. Someone who has tried all the conventional methods to heal and is open minded, looking for along term solution and prepared to do whatever it takes to find healing and a deeper sense of fulfilment and happiness
What makes you/service/business unique (sets you apart from other people within your industry?
I like to heal the very core of any dysfunction or illness. My skillset allows me to access and see the blocks that are the very core of any pattern or disharmony. I’m not interested in making you feel better for 5mins. I want you to get better and never need my help again.
What are your clients key challenges? And Why?
Most of my clients struggle with finding a balance with the Masculine and Feminine energies. They are either too dominant in their masculine energy and suppressing their feminine gifts, self expression and creativity. Their sensual expression, relationship with their bodies and sexuality also greatly suffers as a result. The reason being we live a patriarchal society and the feminine principal has been heavily suppressed within all of us for centuries. Religion, Education, mainstream media have all contributed to the distorted belief systems, concepts and ideas of how we should express our sensuality and sexuality.
How does what you do benefit our viewers?
The modalities I work with can clear past traumas, memories, belief systems, blocks around sexuality, sensuality, intimacy, self love and your own ability to express your own creativity and to be empowered in this. As a result, illness caused by this imbalance within yourself can be healed.
Anything exciting coming up?
Follow me on social media for upcoming events and workshops.
3 best tips for your audience?
1. Always make time to give back to yourself
2. Know that you are always worthy and deserving of love and great intimacy
3. Make your healing a priority and by doing so you say yes to the life you know you deserve.
Nehanda Yemaya Rusere
Healer, Coach, Visionary, Art Model, Dancer, Storyteller and teacher of the Mystical www.nehandalife.com
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