According to a recent poll, one in every six marriages’ humble beginnings can be traced back to an online dating site. 

Given our constant connectedness, it should be no surprise that well-expressed, timely and typed word have become the springboard for many relationships in these modern times.
But as with all beginnings, as beautiful and majestic as they are confusing and fragile, the choices you make early in a relationship can either pave or pollute the path to happiness.
So to keep you out of technological trouble from the get go, check out our top tips for flirtexting—the precursor to sexting.
Be Playfully Ambiguous
While not recommended when things get more serious, at the beginning of a relationship, utilize the power of “maybe.”
Saying “yes” to each and every demand and invitation from your new flame could potentially make you seem desperate—one of the least attractive qualities people look for in a mate. A simple “let me get back to you on that” will give him time to realize how bad he wants that “yes.”
Use Emoticons Wisely
Never underestimate the power of a well-placed flirtatious emoticon, but remember that less is more.
If someone compliments you, use an emoticon in place of saying “thanks.” If he asks you to do something romantic, respond with a single big-grinning smiley face. However, beware that overuse can make you seem like a giddy teenager.
Text Maturely
Along with overusing emoticons, excessive abbreviations, bad grammar and misspelling words can make you seem childish.
We don’t expect all of your texts to read like Hemingway, but sloppy texting will certainly lose you maturity points. Just like with spoken words, it’s not always what you say, but how you say it that matters.
Don’t Go Fishing
While sometimes the urge to fish for a compliment might be too great, resist the temptation and let that sweet, sweet praise come naturally.
You may think compliments will give you the emotional fix you need, but they will be diluted if you know deep down inside they didn’t come naturally. For example, hold off on the Do you miss me? and receiving that I miss you will be worth the wait.
Progress from the Text
Texting provides us with a low-risk means to ask questions and admit feelings that are more difficult to express in person.
However, a pitfall to texting is that you never really know how things are being said, and as we mentioned earlier, the how can be even more important than the actual words. Once a relationship starts to progress, start to let your voice, not your thumbs, do the talking.
While the flirtexting period of a relationship might seem like a confusing and ambiguous chess game at times, remind yourself to relax, have fun and bask in the attention you’re receiving.
In a few months or years, you might discover this was the most beautifully organic time in your entire relationship.
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