Bigger, better orgasms—who wouldn’t appreciate that? Women everywhere are finding that Kegel toning yields a huge payoff: more frequent, intense and prolonged orgasms. Stronger Kegel muscles give women more control and sensitivity during sexual activity, and even their male partners can feel the results! 

Pregnant women are particularly advised to exercise them in order to maintain elasticity and strength well after their newborns arrive. And since Kegels—like any muscle—gradually become weaker with age, mature women are also turning to Kegel toning to dramatically reduce the chances of incontinence in later years, and to prevent pelvic organ prolapse.
So now that we know how important these muscles can be, what’s the best way to keep them healthy? Given their lack of visibility, some women simply forget to exercise them, especially as the distractions of a busy lifestyle add up. And, it can be difficult for a woman to gauge the strength of her Kegels, or to even locate the proper set of muscles
Women around the world have discovered the ultimate solution in LELO’s LUNA Beads. Our body-safe resistance exercisers can be worn for Kegel strength training—and unlike hitting the gym, LUNA Beads can be used anytime, anywhere.
Use these exercisers while in the shower, on your commute to work, or even while running errands on the weekends—LELO LUNA Beads are effective no matter what you may be up to, and no one around you will have a clue. So when summer finally comes around and it’s time to hit the beach, you’ll have that perfect accessory to wear with that smashing bikini.