Get your summer body back! With 1000s of fad diets out there, and let’s be realistic…the weight loss industry is a multi billion $$ industry purely because it doesn’t work…how do you know what to try next??
I don’t know about you but the idea of getting into my bikinis right now with my winter fat is like my biggest nightmare!!
I’m all about a SIMPLE, CLEAN lifestyle, not starving myself on some liquid diet and long lasting and sustainable results. So after I saw this amazing product work it’s magic in USA for the last year I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.
So here is its simplicity;
3 PRODUCTS Change 3 LIFESTYLE CHOICES for 3 MONTHS that’s it!!!  And EAT REAL FOOD! All for $7.66 a day.
Add a pledge to give it a bash and I get $50 back and go in the draw to WIN a SANTORINI HOLIDAY!
How did I feel about that…SOLD!
M3 has safe, natural fat burning ingredients that target stubborn fat like nothing else. It is NON GMO, SUGAR FREE, CONTAINS NO HARMFUL INGREDIENTS, NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS, FLAVORS OR COLORS.
The M3 system is offered exclusively by Modere, the world leader in clean living for 28 years.
No matter your starting point, starting weight or starting concerns, we are confident the M3 system is the right choice for you.
M3 is affordable, sustainable, science based from the Mediterranean Diet and proven to work.

Over 50 years of extensive studies suggest that the Mediterranean diet is directly correlated with good health. The Mediterranean is the only region in the world containing two blue zones – areas of the world where people live measurably longer lives. What is stopping us from living a lifestyle like they do?
Research suggests that people who follow a Mediterranean diet may LOSE MORE WEIGHT1 than standard low-fat diets because it isn’t just a fad or limited list of foods, it’s a lifestyle. M3 consist of powerhouse Mediterranean inspired supplements that work synergistically with healthy lifestyle choices – making it a comprehensive approach to weight management. Simple lifestyle changes that will make a huge difference in your life!


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Select TAKE THE PLEDGE before checking out and get

$50 CREDIT after your third order

With a FREE MODERE SHAKER* for the first month


Meal plan, shopping plan and recipes available to download which include:
Normal Mediterranean Food Guide (16 pages) , No Grain Mediterranean food guide (14pages), Vegan Mediterranean Food guide (18pages)
$229.95 per month = $7.66 per day

Watch it now:

This is the founder and creator of the M3 system explaining the system and why he created it:



Want to find yourself “blissfully lost” on the stunning Mediterranean island of Santorini? Start your M3 journey and Take the Pledge for 3 months for the chance to be whisked away into Mediterranean bliss.

What are you waiting for?
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Greg Horn is a leading innovator in health and nutrition business, with two decades of experience in developing and managing companies associated with personal health, nutrition and environmental sustainability. Greg is CEO of Specialty Nutrition Consulting, Inc. focused on commercializing nutrition innovation and leading the emerging market for Effective Nutrition products that have IP protection and clinical evidence of efficacy.
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